Serious Fun! 12 Things You Can Do With Your Sallah Ram (Photos)

We must always be inventive with the ram as we are with many other things.

At the moment, nothing is more bae than Sallah ram provided by your Muslim friends celebrating Eid-el-Kabir.

But as Nigerians, we must always be inventive with the ram as we are with many other things.

1. Get yours into a ram fight

2. Place bets at ram fighting venuesJust so you know ram fighting is serious business

3. Take a selfie with one4. Dress it up like a niggaThis ram is so G! Whats Up G!!!

5. Use as social media handle

Mazi Ibe @I_pissVodka

Ileya is coming soon.

Time for tweeps to start replacing handles with ram.


3:08 PM – Sep 5, 2016 · Ibadan, Nigeria

6. Give trendy names like Sai baba, Wizkid, Badoo, Undertaker, Theo Walcott and more

The ram owner and his ram named Badoo

7. Share the ram killing on the internet

Deputy Chief Imam Abuja National Mosque, Seik Ahmen Onilewura being assisted to kill Sallah ram in 2014.

8. Barbecue a ram… the entire ram

Nigerians are the best that ever did spit-roasted ram

9. Or settle for asunNothing is as good as having sallah ram with garri in the morning. What a delicacy!

10. Ride one like a horse

What are you doing sir?

11. Title a movie ‘Eran Ileya’. TF?

12. Feed the entire neighbourhood

… or state, if you’re like Fayose.



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