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Serious Decay At Community Secondary School Mpkologwu Worries Stakeholders

Written By Chinaza Alagbogu 

It is a fact that school environment influences learning positively or negatively. One then wonders what type of learning is taking place at Community Secondary School, Mkpologwu, Anmabra State, where the classrooms are practically a death trap for students and teachers in the school. A close look at the school compound shows it has thick bush at some corners and most buildings in the school make the compound look like a place used in acting epic horror movies. It is clear that staff and students of the school are engaged in a form of joke which they think is education.

People go to school and higher institution of learning to develop their knowledge in a well defined, constructive and conducive citadel of learning, enjoining a good environment, atmosphere and proper teaching within their school but not the same with this community secondary school in the suburb of Nkpologwu town.
“When you wake up in the morning as a student, realizing that you have got the nicest school to go to coupled with the school uniform, good braided hair and an outstanding classroom, you will feel overwhelmed you need no one to remind you of going to school. But it is painful to view that this type of structure exists in a school in this modern day”, an educationalist in the community who pleaded anonymity complained.

The students in the rural areas suffer heavily in their different schools of learning; No good classroom, no Windows at least to cover them during rainy season, no conducive environment, no good teachers. That’s why these rural students don’t even express themselves well after school, their level of education is very poor because the environment where they are affects their psychological thinking. Weighing it, you get to find out that their zeal for education unlike in the urban areas could be that of zero.
As such these students have less value for education. They need to be forced to go to school even when they go there, they take everything for granted.

The students of Community Secondary School Nkpologwu could lose hope in learning because of their school environment with classrooms that are deathtraps. The dilapidated building and bushy compound have contributed in discouraging these children from going to school.
Staff and students of CSS Mkpologwu need urgent assistance which should come in form of infrastructure upgrade and better school environment. This will enable them understand better what education is all about and its importance which will help them compete with the average students in the society. No child should be exposed to deathtraps in form of classrooms, even if the child lives in rural area. This is the time of alumni of this secondary scholarship to come to the rescue of their Alma mater by leading the mission to upgrade facilities in the school.

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  1. This is a threat to our Educational system,let’s repost the link to that story till the government sees it.

  2. obidigbo ifeoma Christabel

    The government should please do something fast because the learning environment also affects the learning ability of the child.

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