“Send Us Condoms!” Gangs Which Impregnate Teenage Girls In Calabar Make Open Request (Photos)

The sight of several pregnant teenagers in a creek hideout in Calabar, Cross River state, led to a visit to that area by a health team in the state. The team’s discovery will surprise you! Read the story below.

The Director General, Cross River State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, Dr Betta Edu and her team paid a visit to a creek hide out in Calabar South where a good number of pregnant teenage girls reside in Calabar South. The team met with some subtle opposition from the gangs that control happenings in the area.

The visit was in response to the high number of teenage pregnancy in Calabar South Local Government Area. Dr Betta Edu who met with the young girls who were aged between 11 and 17 years, noted that the girls were free prey to satisfy sexual needs of the young men and boys in the creeks. They have unprotected sex and share Sexually Transmitted Diseases freely among each other.

Being faithful to one partner was not part of the equation as the preyed on any available girl, except for a few who try to create territories. “It’s a different world there in the creeks,”according to reports.

After speaking to the young men off cameras as they instructed, they sounded remorseful and asked that several cartons of condom be sent to them so the can protect themselves, because for sex they admitted they won’t stop or stick to one woman for life.

While speaking to the teenage pregnant girls in small groups in some compounds, Dr Edu told them about the different types of sexually transmitted diseases and how to prevent them. She also educated them on the prematurity of their bodies which are not prepared to carry babies yet and the complications that may arise if the don’t get the right care this period. Some of the girls opened up to tell her the ills that go on there and how the men reject condom that the won’t enjoy the sex.

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The teenage pregnant girls went further to state that they were registered in prayer houses and TBAs to deliver there. Dr Betta Edu recommended family planning methods for teenagers to restrict high rate of pregnancy among them to secure their future.

She described teenage pregnancy as an important public health problem that called for concern as the rate of abandoned children will increase.

“Contrary to what most people think, family planning is not only meant for married, but in the real sense of it, it is for every sexually active person not ready to bear children at that particular point in time. “Thus, teenagers who are sexually active and those not sexually active should know the implications of sexual intercourse.

Edu said that there were specific family planning methods for individuals regardless of their age, following proper counselling and history taking.

Dr Edu who explained this to them in pidgin English and local dialect in some aspect said there should always make use of the Health facility closest to them were the health workers will take good care of them for free. She called on PHC workers in Calabar South to intensify sensitization.


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Chinenye Nwabueze

Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.


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  1. are there still such uncivilized people in this country?

  2. Its disastrous, something should be done

  3. I wounder what some men on this country are thinking….. Nawoohhh

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  4. Eze Priscillia Obianuju

    They need to enlighten them more on sex education

  5. this is awkward..this people should be arrested and the girls treated properly.
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  6. Jesus! jesus!!! Nawaoooo!!!. what kind of world is this kwanu


  7. Hmmm,they can’t stick to one woman,they should be termed “dogs” mtcheew
    quiz no:39

  8. These people are just looking for excuses for promiscuous behavior. 68

  9. Now thats a serious case
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  10. What a world so such nonsense still exist, do this people think we are still in the stone age.
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  11. Lazarus kelvin chidiebube

    Obara emma…
    They should send them condom nah …

  12. Improper. Re they actually demanding for that
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  13. hope this young girls learnt something
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  14. hmmm I wonder y such thing is happening in cross river state.
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  15. Hmm seriously y could people’s sense of reasoning be so poor to this extent
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  16. Ohazulike chibueze(2015054019)

    nawa o! this one weak me oo

  17. These guys shiuld leaen how to contrik their libido and an act of being faithful to one woman.
    quiz no:60

  18. Quiz no:115
    This country is turning something else

  19. Egbuwalo Teniola Glory

    This is really insane…..I hope the sex education will reduce the number of unwanted pregnancy there…
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  20. How uncivilized most people can be

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  21. This program is good for the youths

  22. Quiz no 120
    Animalistic set of human being

  23. Ndubuisi Miracle Queen

    Una hand break abi. But I think these men should be in the police custody or in the hospital for mentally ill people because they could be sex psychos or addict.

  24. This men are acting naive and primitive.
    Quiz no:44

  25. hmmmmm…. many people needs to be tamed.. 73

  26. unbelievable , y such news, government should do something about this nah
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  27. this people need to be locked up… 75

  28. Wonders shall never end! Fornicarion and adultery are now seen as normal

  29. Didn’t know such things still exists
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  30. Jesus! please oo something should be done fast to save the lives of this innocent young ones.

  31. More wierd storirs keep coming..Not surprised

  32. This world is turning into something else. I can’t stop imagining the rate of atrocity going on in that region that the community have to make a clarion call for condoms. The health workers should do something about their need for condom as fast as possible before the situation gets out of hand.

    Quiz no;81

  33. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    These people need both spiritual and physical flogging cause they ain’t normal

  34. Ndi calabar
    weldone sir. the thing wey u dy find una go see am just chill

    No. 7

  35. Nwufo vivian chidimma

    wonder shall never end, the quest of this people shall not be neglected, they really need the stuff.

  36. Omenuko Adaobi Promise

    Na wa for their demand
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  37. This loooks and sounds funny but its really serious….

  38. Umeugo Vivian ifunanya

    hmm! what a world! such inhumans!

  39. Wonder sha never end…

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  41. what an abormination….open request for condom kwa….Nigeria ooooo

  42. Sacrilege indeed, What is happening in this country? God please save us.
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    hmm Imagine Open request for Condom Nah waoo

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