Saturday , August 13 2022

See why Okene prohibits dreadlocks on Kogi youths

Zubair Amoka, the new Administrator Of Okene Local Government Area in Kogi state, was pictured cutting the hair of a young man wearing dreadlocks.

A photo that has angered Nigerians online, shows Amoka using a pair of scissors to cut a young man’s hair after making him sit on the bare floor.

The photo which also showed a police officer armed with a gun to keep watch as Amoka cuts the man’s hair.

Amoka who said that it is moral decadence on the part of Okene youths, to keep dreadlocks.

He therefore, urged the  youths to embrace the recent spat of development which has come to stay in Okene and beyond.

However, this act has caused social media reactions as youths were not happy with him over the recent development:


“Ritualist, make sure you collect your hair from him.
Also check his hands, it’s dangerous to have bad people like these laying their hands on your head”.


How is a persons personal choice of haircut moral decadence. His hair is his personal life choice and freedom of expression. It is not your business 

Should my kids decide to keep dreads i will encourage it as it has absolutely nothing to do with his morals. Have you heard of the term creativity and creative expression. You wonder why kids abroad can think outside the box. simple,they encourage creative expression and creativity from their childhood they are not raising minions like in Nigeria. And yes the creative industry where the real money is is a place filled with employees who wear dreadlocks.

That said why would blacks hate their own hair? Jesus did not cut his hair? Samson carried dreads. blacks of ancient times did not cut their hair. Who says its uncultural? Why are we cutting peoples hair?
Someone should sue this man abeg for the mere fact that this is wrong,and this must be addressed.

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