Monday , November 28 2022

See Why Fans Were Booing Dele Ali During England Versus Nigeria Friendly Match

Every time Dele Ali touched the ball during the England versus Nigeria friendly match played today at Wembley Stadium in England, you heard massive boos from the crowd.

One would think it was English fans booing him for either his reputation for diving which he earned in the premier league or for an off-the-pitch incident.

Well, it was not all that.

Nigerian fans were actually the ones booing him.

Recall that Dele Ali who has Nigerian origin had turned down the opportunity to play for Super Eagles but instead opted for the English National Team.

It happened that Nigerians turned up for the game in large numbers, most of them specifically to boo Dele Ali.

So he got it hot during the game but as a professional he is, that did not affect him as he had a nice game.

After all he was used to being bood by fans in the premier league for his reputation for diving.

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