Thursday , August 18 2022

See Village In Africa Where Man’s Balls Will Be Flogged Three-Times Before You Can Marry Their Daughter (Watch Unbelievable Video)

There are diverse cultures that are very rich; definitely not this one. It involves a strange marriage ceremony where a man receives three strokes of a sling (what we call catapult in local parlance) on his joystick from the bride’s family before she becomes his wife.

Here is a viral video of a village in Africa if you want to marry a girl you must receive 3 strokes of sling shot to your balls.

According to the video currently trending online, 3 shots will be done by a close relative of the bride if applicant could stand 3 shots, the girl will be given to him immediately for marriage as a genuine strong man.

In the video a man can be seen being flogged on his balls in other to prove to them that he is a strong man while he cry and shout in pain,the man was given a beautiful young girl as wife immediately after receiving strokes of shots in his balls.

If you were a man can you do that for a girl you love? 

The man went home with his wife.

Watch The Video Below;


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