See The Best Floating-Rotating Hotel in the World (VIDEO)

Dubai Floating-Rotating Hotel Tower

Dubai remains a land of wonders. It is the most populous city in the world and has been adding superlatives to its name in terms of tourism and trade. This is because of the transformation of the desert city of Dubai into a global city with unbelievable sky scrapers and other architectural wonders. There are several unbelievable buildings there. What the world is waiting for is the construction of a building that will float in the air without landing at any time. There are several floating hotels in the world. One of the best floating hotels in the world is this one that floats and rotates at the same time. It is Dubai Floating-Rotating Hotel Tower.

Standing a glorious 25 stories off the coast of Dubai, in the UAE, the Floating and Rotating Hotel Tower is the mastermind of the Dutch based architectural firm, Waterstudio. The high floating hotel tower rotates 1 degree every minute. The floating foundation measures only 6 meter in depth. A fixed floating boulevard-ring connects the shore with the tower. The construction of steel and glass has been designed and engineered with well-known Dutch. Specializing in floating hotels and all other waterborne projects, this project is an engineering feat like none other. When it’s complete, not only will you have unbelievable views from any storey that you are on but every minute the hotel rotates one degree, making this an experience not repeated anywhere else in the world.



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