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See List Of Nigerian Newspapers Published in The Pre-Independence Era

The history of the Nigerian mass media started with a robust and fierce competition among Newspapers, the early arrivals in the landscape. The industry was dominated by vibrant journalists most of whom doubled as editors/publishers. After Rev. Henry Townsend established the first newspaper in Nigeria in 1859, a plethora of other publications began to spring up by the day. The scene was dominated by activists like Sir Akitoye Ajasa (who published the Nigerian Pioneer in 1914), Ernest Sese Ikoli (African Messenger, 1921), Herbert Macaulay (Lagos Daily News, 1925), Malam Abubakar Imam (Gaskiya Ta Fi Kwabo, 1939), and Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe (West African Pilot) among others. The industry was very eventful during the pre-independence era especially because most of the publishers were also nationalists using their newspapers to propagate self-rule and independence struggles. Here’s a list of newspapers that were published before Nigeria’s independence in 1960, a picture that shows you how eventful the print media industry was in the pre-independence era.


1. Iwe Irohin started publication in December, 1859 by C.M.S. Press under the direction of Rev. Henry Townsend

2. The Anglo-African started publication in 1863, it was published by Robert Campbell.

3. Lagos Times November 10, 1880. Editor, Andrew Thomas, Publisher Richard Beale Blaize.

4. Lagos Observer, February 15, 1882. Edited and published by J. Bagan Benjamin, assisted by Robert Campbell.

5. The Eagle and Lagos Critic March 31, 1883. Edited and published by Owen Macauley.

6. Unwana Efik, 1885. Published by the Church of Scotland Mission.

7. Obukpong Efik, 1885, Published by the Church of Scotland Mission

8. The Mirror December 17, 1887. Edited and published by Adolphus Marke.

9. Iwe Irohin Eko, 1888, Edited and published by Andrew Thomas.

10. Lagos Weekly Times, 1890. Edited by John Payne Jackson, publisher, Leigh.

11. Lagos Weekly Record, January 1, 1891. Edited by John Payne Jackson, published by Candido

12. Lagos Standard, 1893. Edited by George Alfred Williams, with Samuel Herbert Pearse.

13. The Lagos Echo (revamped Observer), 1891. Published by Bagan Benjamin.

Da Rocha, and David Augustus.

14. The Nigerian Chronicle, November, 1908. Edited and published by Chris Kumolu Johnson.

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15. The Nigerian Times, September 5, 1910. Edited and Published by James Bright Davies.

16. The Nigerian Pioneer, Published by Kitoyi Ajasa.

17. African Messenger, March 5, 1921. Edited and published by Ernest Ikoli.

18. Eko Akete, July 18, 1922. Edited by Adeoye Deniga, printed by Tika-Tore Press.

19. Nigerian Spectator, May 15, 1923. Edited and published by Richard Savage.

20. The Yoruba News, May 23, 1923. Published by D. A. and Salami Agbaje.

21. Eleti Ofe, December 2, 1923. Edited and published by E. A. Akintan, printed by Akin Adeshigbin.

22. Advanced Opinion, December 1923. Published by Ellis Nicol St. John.

23. Lagos Daily News, October 9, 1925. Publishers were Victor Bababunmi, Herbert Macauley, and J.A. Caulcrick.

24. Eko Igbehin, December 9, 1925. published by Olagunju Oni.

25. The Dawn, December 21, 1925. Edited and published by William Labor.

26. Osumare Egba, November 21, 1925. Nigerian Blessed Press.

27. Daily Times, Printed the first copy on 1 June 1926. Published by The Nigerian Printing and Publishing Company, a private firm.

28. Egba National Harper, March 30, 1926. Published by A. Folarin, printed by Akin Adeshigbin.

29. Nigerian Advocate, August 21, 1926. Published by S.H. Braithwaite, Printed by Samuel Pearse.

30. Osumare Egba, November 21, 1925. Nigerian Blessed Press.

31. The Coaster, September 9, 1927. Published by Lawrence Benson.

32. Nigerian Daily Telegraph, December 22, 1927. Published by Antus Williams.

33. Akede Eko, December 23, 1927. Edited and published by I.B. Thomas.

34. Nigerian Evening News, May 28, 1929. Edited and published by I.B. Thomas

35. Nigerian Observer, September 25, 1929. Edited and published by Potts-Johnson.

36. Nigerian Daily Mail, January 20, 1930. edited and published by Ernest Ikoli.

37. Nigerian Weekly Dispatch, September 13, 1930. Edited and published by Samuel Cole-Edwards.

38. African Sunday Digest, March 17, 1931. Edited by J.C. Zizier

39. Nigerian Daily Herald, April 11, 1931. edited by Ronke, E. Ajayi.

40. Nigerian Daily Echo, March 3, 1932. Published by Adeoye Deniga

41. Jaridar Nijeriya Ta Arewa, Launched in 1932 by the Northern Regional Government

42. West African Nationhood, January 31, 1932. Edited by G.E. Spencer and published by J.C. Zixier

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43. The Nigerian Echo, December 29, 1932. Edited by Adebowale Howells and published by Daniel Joseph-Emmanuel.

44. The Comet, July 14, 1933. Edited and published by Ali Mohammed Duse.

45. Nigerian Evening Standard, June 27, 1934. Edited and published by Akaje-Macaulay.

46. Olumo Weekly Record, February 5, 1935. Edited and published by S.O. Sotoya.

47. Service, March 12, 1933. Edited and published by Ernest Ikoli

48. Daily Service, April 9, 1938. Edited by Ernest Ikoli and published by P.W.O. Cardoso.

49. Nigerian Eastern Mail, May 15, 1935. Published by James Clinton

50. West African Star, June 16, 1935. J.W. Egbe

51. West African Advertiser, May 7, 1935. Published by J.T. John

52. Youth Monthly Diary, October 1, 1935. Published by E. A. Atilade

53. Nigerian Provincial, January 30, 1936. Published by Babs Layemi

54. West African Pilot, November 22, 1937. Published by ZIk’s Press Ltd

55. African Public Opinion, December 22, 1937. Published by J.A. Odufunade

56. The African Star, January 20, 1938. Published and edited by Fagbenro-Beyioku

57. Western Echo, August 17, 1939. Published by Ebun Ogunmefun and D.T. Akinbiyi

58. Gaskiya Ta Fi Kwabo, January 1, 1939. Northern Literature Agency and the Gaskiya Corporation.

59. Eastern Nigeria Guardian, December 22, 1940. Published by Zik’s Press

60. African Mirror, June 13, 1940

61. Abeokuta Weekly Herald, October 29, 1940. Published by S.G.

62. Nigerian Review, 1942. Public Relations Department

63. Nigerian Spokesman, January 27, 1943. Published by Zik’s Press

64. Southern Nigeria Defender, 1943. Zik’s Press Ltd

65. The Nigerian News, October 22, 1945. Published by T.A. Dokobiri

66. Irohin Yoruba, November 3, 1945. Published by Service Press Ltd

67. Occult World Review, August 23, 1945. Published by Ajani Olujare

68. Everybody’s Daily, December 2, 1946. Published by R.B. Ottun and Magnus Williams

69. Nigerian Sports Herald, August 26, 1946. Published by Lawrence Faneye

70. Children’s Own Paper, 1946. Public Relation Department

71. Egbaland Echo, August 28, 1947. Edited and published by Ayo Ajala.

72. Nigerian Daily Echo, June 27, 1947. Published by Warrior Osika

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73. New Times of Nigeria, September 25, 1947. Edited by Emmanuel Obahiagbon and published by Adesoji Aderemi

74. Ijebu Weekly Echo, 1947. J.J. Odufuwa

75. West African Express, July 2, 1948. Published by E.C. Thompson

76. French African Bulletin, November 25, 1947. Published by Samuel Cadmus

77. The Benin Voice, September 18, 1948. Published by Lawal Osula

78. Daily Success, 1951. Published by Isuman

79. Nigerian Citizen, September 4, 1948. Published by Gaskiya Corporation

80. The Nigerian Standard, February 15, 1949. Published by G.O. Oweh

81. The Nigerian Voice, May 13, 1949. Published by M. R. Ojikutu

82. New Africa, June 8, 1949. Published by P.E. Chukwurah

83. The Northern Advocate, August 5, 1949. Published by Bob Ogbuagu

84. Sporting Review, November 16, 1949. Edited and published by Bonar-Ekanem

85. Morning Star, December 2, 1949. Published by J.O.Adigun, proprietor was Akin Sowumi.

86. Nigerian Tribune, October 1, 1949. African Press Ltd

87. Eastern States Express, December 8, 1949. Published by E.U. Udoma

88. The Nigerian Star, February 2, 1950. Published by MId-Western Press, under direction of Anthony Enahoro.

89. The State of Oduduwaland, January 28, 1950. Published by Ajani Olujare

90. West African Examiner, January 14, 1950. Published by Orizu.

91. Weekly Digest, March 21, 1950. Published by Johnson Aiyealo.

92. Nigerian Freedom, July 3, 1950. Published by Eyo Ita.

93. Nigerian Woman, March 1, 1950. published by Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti.

94. The Western Leader, 1951. Published by Des Dokubo.

95. Nigerian People’s Voice, 1952. Published by H.O. Davies.

96. The Eastern Nigeria Defender, 1952. Zik’s Press Ltd

97. Radio-TV Times, 1955. Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation

98. Irohin Owuro, published by E. Adisa.

99. Laberin Ekklesia, December 7, 1959. Published by the Sudan Interior Mission.

100. Yoruba Challenge, published by the Sudan Interior Mission.

101. Kahaki, Published by the Sudan Interior Mission.

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