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See Coolest Jobs In The World That Will Make You Want To Quit Yours

If you’re on a white collar job or even on your own, there are jobs you will see and feel like leaving yours immediately. This is because they are unbelievably exciting, just like you’re being paid just to catch fun. You might not even have known that such jobs actually exist on earth or that people do such cool stuffs and get paid. Here is a list of top coolest jobs on earth that will make you want to quit yours.

1. Professional cuddler.

In some countries like USA and Japan, you are literately paid to hug people. This is actually cool. You might say it also depends on who you’re hugging. It’s fun all the way.

2. Professional sleeper.

You can work as a luxury ‘bed tester’ and spend the day sleeping on the job. This is something  you probably wish everyday. This one is for you. Go get it!

3. Caretaker of a private island.

Take care of the island, under the blue by the blue. The beauty of the scenery will make you want to do the job round the clock. This is real fun.
4. Wedding guest.

In Japan, you can go and have free food at weddings as guests. In Africa there are professional mourners but I think being a professional wedding guest is better fun.

5. Water slide testers.

After you get your medical tests done, you’ll have to check all aspects of safety and make sure these rides are absolutely safe. That’s real fun.

6. Professional Netflix watcher

If you stay up and only love watching Netflix, you know what you need to do. This job just has your name written on it. You’re paid to enjoy your favorite TV shows.

7. Ostrich babysitter

Watch little Ostrich babies all day long. Feed them and play with them. They won’t trouble you like human kids. Sounds weird but that’s fun too.

8. Body painters

Always loved art but corporate job took away your passion? Go paint people and dive into art. No dull moment on this job.

9. Professional traveller.

Stop finding job that makes you travel. Do a job that is travel. You sure feel like quitting your current job to take up this one full of adventure. Wow! Nice one indeed.

10. Nail polish namer.

You think you are creative enough and can come up with names like Suzi and the 7 Düsseldorfs, this job is your thing. Sounds interesting too. Just make sure you don’t name any nail polish Anaconda so you can last on the job.

11. Ice cream taster.

Evaluate ice cream “in terms of taste, texture, smell, and other elements” to assure quality control. Imagine where you’re job is to taste ice cream. Much fun.

So which one is your favorite here? Which one can you quit your job for?

(with reports from India Times)

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