Sunday , February 5 2023

See Biafra Agitators Worshiping Nnamdi Kalu

Amidst the controversy surrounding his call for secession of portions of Nigeria he described said constitute Biafra, leader of Independent People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu is growing into a special status, more like a god to his admirers. Some Biafra agitators now seem to be worshiping him, apparently out of love for their hero. A 28-year-old man was allegedly healed of his sickness on sighting Nnamdi Kanu recently in Owerri.

According to reports, one of the supporters of Biafra struggle, introduced himself as Chima Mbata, age ,28, from Nkwerre Local Government Area, Imo state, said that he was healed of a headache he had had for two days after sighting Kanu from the crowd. According to him:

“I was in the House and my mother called me to come out and see Nnamdi Kanu, at Orlu road roundabout, I told her that I can’t come because I was not feeling fine. “But she insisted, then I managed to come out immediately I saw Kanu, I was healed. I become stronger and joined other young men in the struggle.”

View: What is your take on this status of Nnamdi Kanu as a ‘god’? He may not have told them to see him that way but that seems to be what is happening, to the extent that people claim to get healed of sickness when they see him.

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  1. This is madness. How can people worship a man? Only the sight of him, heals people. Wow is demonic

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