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See 8 Nigerian Celebrities Who Have Attempted to Commit Suicide

Celebrities are often seen as role models who have the best life offers. Oftentimes, many people do not consider the fact that even celebrities they see looking wonderful on social media also have down sides of their life. Some of them have even come to the point of taking their own life due to one issue or the other.

In Nigeria it is now common to see flashy celebrities on social media creating the impression that life is fun. But you won’t blame them at all because they never told anyone that life also had down sides, so it is left for people admiring them to brace up to life challenges and get over troubling times. Suicide is never an option but circumstances sometimes push people to thinking of that option out of what they consider the most unbearable misery in their life. When they survive such challenges they still make it clear that suicide is never an option. Here’s a list of 8 Nigerian celebrities who have attempted suicide at some point in their lives.

1. Tee Billz

This is one story about Tunji Balogun aka Tee billz, that made him very popular. He is the ex-husband to pop star, Tiwa Savage. The news of Tee Billz’s attempted suicide went viral. Reports had it that he was going through a major family crisis after he had accused his wife of infidelity and neglect. He also accused his mother-in-law of bewitching him. Tee Billz had made series of posts on his Instagram page where he made known his intention to take his own life at the Ikoyi-Lekki bridge in Lagos. Thankfully, a few of his friends came to his rescue.

2. Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa is noted for her controversial comments about relationship and other issues. This media personality has really been through a lot of challenges in life, including losing her parents in a fire accident while she was just 8 years old. Toke was also a victim of suicide attempt after her marriage with a fitness expert, Maje Ayida hit the rocks.

According to her, she suffered from a lot of depression and lost hope of living. Then one day as she was sitting in her bedroom a very strong thought came for her to drink a bottle of Dettol, just die to avoid the shame and ridicule.

“I was sitting in the bedroom one day. There was a bottle of Dettol in the bathroom and a thought came, very strong, “Just drink it and die. What’s the point? The whole world is laughing at you right now. Just end it.”

3. Tonto Dikeh

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh is another high-profile Nigerian celebrity who was attempted to commit suicide. Her marriage to Churchill was annulled after a series of accusations and backlash from both parties revealed that she suffered from depression in 2013 and attempted to take her life. The social media influencer however observed that she was very strong and never allowed the thoughts of suicide take over her so she had to enroll in a depression class.

“I would say I have a great and strong personality. I love myself so much. I am not also as shy as most people think I am. I didn’t let depression eat me up.”

4. Julius Agwu

Who would think that someone like top Nigerian comedian, Julius Agwu who makes almost everyone happy would ever contemplate suicide? Well, he did. Julius who suffered from brain tumor disclosed that the experience after discovering he had the disease was not wonderful at all.

After he discovered he had brain tumor, all he wanted to do was to commit suicide while he searched for his property documents to give to his wife as he prepared for death. He said this during an interview with Inspaya.
“I started looking for my property documents to give to my wife. One day when they were not home, I almost committed suicide.”


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5. Ubi Franklin

Ubi Franklin shared a post on his Instagram page where he revealed that he almost committed suicide between July 2016 and March 2017 when he struggled hard to overcome bouts of depression that nearly pushed him to commit suicide.

“I had thought that the depression would stop at this point, but, to my dismay, it didn’t. Even after I finished paying for my mortgage, it grew worse.
“I was so scared and all I kept saying and asking myself was ‘Who will take care of my son? I got home and started acting in a funny manner. My security guard had already turned on the generator. I screamed at him to turn it off that I needed some peace and quiet. I was in that dark house all by myself and everything was falling part.”

6. Eva Alordiah

Nigerian rapper, Eva Alordiah, also took to her Instagram page on her 31st birthday which was on the 13th of August to reveal how she suffered depression and almost too her own life. She said it took her a long walk to get to where she is now. From almost taking her own life to living her life with a single mission to help others live theirs better.

She wrote;

“Apparentlyyyyyy!!!! This is what 31 looks like. It’s been a long walk to get here, from almost taking my own life to being here now, living my life with a single mission to help you live yours better. I am blessed indeed.

Use me as proof that you can overcome too. The next year is going to be ooooohhhh so good, I am excited for what we will accomplish together. Thank you for your sweetness, you have made me feel more alive!”

7. John Okafor

This is one man everyone would want to remain alive for a very long time. He is a specialist in making people very happy. But do you know that John Okafor, popular known as Ibu, once attempted to take his own life? Yes he did. The comic actor said that he would have taken his life since 1997 due to the hardship he faced in life. He said that at that point in his life, things were so hard that he could barely afford to feed himself. To make matters worse, the actor said he had no roof over his head and suicide seemed like the easiest option.

“Do you know that there was a day that I had prepared to kill myself in Ajao Estate? That day, I was prepared to jump into a well because of the situation that surrounded me. Three days before that day, I had not eaten and I did not have hope of eating for the next week. I was only surviving on water and I hate it when I bother anyone. Most of my close friends were not bothered about my well-being even though it was obvious that I was not alright.

“I remember December 18, 1997, a friend of mine who I squatted with called me in the morning and told me that he would be going home for Christmas and he did not want anyone to be in his room. I assured him that no one would come to his place but he said he wanted me out of the room. I told him that I did not have another place to stay and he should trust me that as usual, I would take good care of the place.

Though I was older than him, I did all the washing and cleaning of the house to the extent that I washed his panties and underwear. I did that so that I could have a roof over my head. But out of anger, that my friend went into the house, brought out all my things and threw them outside, then he told me to leave his house, he locked his door and left Me where I was seated, I was looking at the well.

“I thought to myself, ‘is it not better to end my life by jumping into the well so that when people return in the evening and they need water, they would discover my body and my friend would know that he was the reason I committed suicide?’ I went to the well and as I opened the lid and prepared to jump inside, the image of my mother’s face flashed through my mind. I quickly closed the well and began to wonder how my mother knew that I wanted to kill myself.

y mother was still alive at the time; she was about 80 years old. I went back and leaned by the wall. A neighbour, Francis, was playing a song by Michael Bolton titled ‘When I am back on my Feet Again.’ The song gave me hope and I decided to stay alive,” he said.

8. Mo’Cheddah

High-profile Nigerian rapper and fashion designer, Modupe Oreoluwa Ola, aka Mo’Cheddah opened up about her secret battles with depression and suicidal thoughts in an interview with DANG Network in 2018.

The 29-year-old singer said she never knew hate till she came into the music industry, saying she was really hated by her much older colleagues, especially after she won the Channel O music award.

“The industry was hostile… I would be performing and they would turn off my microphone because the A-list artist doesn’t like me. I didn’t get it, I didn’t know there was hate… I never knew hate. How do I meet a legend and I kneel down to say hi to her and she is like ‘Get off me’, a woman I have looked up to for years, the industry was hostile,” she stated.

She went further to reveal how she almost took her life but had to stop because she knew her death would terribly affect her husband who was then her boyfriend.

“I felt as I had failed, especially because I had thought that business will pick up. They had so much hate for me, they started bad-mouthing me to people, to companies, to producers, so I was kind of blacklisted, so you know all that time people were saying, where is Mo’Cheddah, nobody wanted to work with me because they hated me and they wanted to do everything in their power to ruin me and I felt God forsook me, sadness consumed me.

“I googled ”there is this darkness inside me” and I saw a lot of people had it, they were talking about depression. The only reason I did not kill myself, first I didn’t know how I will kill myself. I thought about it so many times… I thought of drowning myself in the 3rd Mainland Bridge, at times I wanted it to be quick, so I will be praying that God should just kill me. All I had to do was understand that as long as I was at peace with this person, every other thing will be OK. I live to be happy,” she said in an interview. Today, Mo’Cheddah who has since overcome the challenge currently runs a fashion house called Mo, and counsels young girls through her brand.

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