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Samantha Markle calls out sister Meghan Markle again, claims the Duchess has still not reached out to their father after he suffered a stroke

Meghan Markle’s half-sister, Samantha Markle has continued to call her out over issues concerning their father.

This time, Samantha says her sister Meghan has not yet made efforts to reach out to their father after he suffered a stroke.

While sharing this in an interview held on May 30, Samantha said their father Thomas Markle Sr. is unable to speak but is well enough to text if Meghan got in contact.

She added: “She’s always had his phone number, it hasn’t changed.”

Meghan has not spoken to her father since the eve of her 2018 wedding to Prince Harry.

Thomas had plans to travel to the UK this week to celebrate next weekend’s Platinum Jubilee, but this plan was put on hold after he suffered a stroke a week ago, caused by a blood clot on the right side of his brain.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain today, Samantha Markle addressed rumours that Meghan has tried to reach out to their father.

She said: “Those rumours are not true, she [Meghan] has not reached out.”

Samantha insisted “the door is wide open” for her half-sister to privately re-connect with him.

She said:”‘He loves all of us and he’s been bashed in the media for always speaking out to extend an olive branch to reach out to her.

“He is her father so he has a right to reach out to her. He has been very honest and open in those feelings and the door is wide open. She’s always had his phone number, it hasn’t changed, and his address, so any suggestion that she doesn’t know how to get hold of him and that she wanted to be private is somewhat ridiculous on the grounds that if you want to reach out to your father privately you know how to do it.”

GMB host Richard Madeley asked why Meghan would want to reach out, given claims he was planning to go to Frogmore Cottage during Platinum Jubilee weekend to demand Meghan and Harry come out with their two children.

She said: “It sounds like someone has been drinking mercury in the water. I didn’t hear anything about him following anyone around so I don’t believe that.”

Thomas Markle has been in a critical-care ward for a week and has made what one doctor told him was “remarkable progress”.

Samantha said: “I think he feels blessed to be alive. He’s doing well, he can’t speak. He understands and can text and communicate that way. He’s feeling stronger every day, so after two heart attacks, a pandemic and now this, he is rebounding remarkably well.

“Learning to speak again could take 6 months to a year. All he has to do now is he has to train his mouth and tongue to form the words. He’s very patient, feels very strong about it and has a lot of love and support around him so he’s going to do well.”

A source said Meghan wants to reach out to her father but she has concerns about him involving her half-siblings Thomas Jr, 55, and Samantha, 57, in his affairs, because she “believes they have their own agendas”.

A source told The Mirror: “Despite their estrangement, Meghan is concerned. She wants to know if there is any way to contact her father privately, without other family knowing about it or having to get involved.”

The insider added: “Meghan can’t contact her half-siblings because she believes they have their own agendas.

“If she can contact their dad, she wants it to be totally private. It won’t involve Netflix, it won’t involve any photographs and it must not involve any tip-offs to the paparazzi.”

(Daily Mail)

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