Sunday , October 1 2023

Sad! See Face Of Soldier Allegedly Killed By Reckless Policeman Today In Rivers (Photos)

The late Akin
The Nigerian soldier who was brutally murdered by a reckless policeman in Port Harcourt has been identified as one Akin, a father of five children.
The murdered soldier,  who was in mufti, was said to have been shot near the Police station by one of the policemen on duty on Thursday. The deceased, was said to be with his gun and the policeman mistook him for an armed robber.
Without making any findings, he reportedly pumped two bullets into him.
Taking to Twitter, Akin’s niece Stephanie Aligbe wrote: “My mum called me and said “Uncle Akin is dead” “police shot him” tf??? What? Why??? He was driving and dey shot him!
This is somebody who always made everyone around him smile and laugh! Father of five. Yet one good for nothing police officer decided to end his life! One reckless uniformed beggar!
I’m here wondering why the Nigerian police still exists! Of what use are they??? This is not the first time they are being reckless … it’s not the first time it’s leading to loss of a life
Why do dey exist? To protect the lives of Nigerian citizens … what do dey actually do? Take bribe from struggling Nigerians! At check points, police stations and anywhere possible! Oh and they also kill those who they are meant to protect!
Now my uncle is dead, and the only thing they can do is say sorry, or punish the guy dat killed him, even if he dies too, it won’t bring my uncle back! What will they tell his family? His last born is about 3 years old! I hate the @PoliceNG I have always hated them! From when the uniformed thieves planted on the road still from those who they’re to protect, to the point where they kill them!
I remember asking a General why the police weren’t sent to fight boko haram, at least they’d be useful… he said they weren’t trained for such! But yet they’re allowed to hold weapons?
The next time you want to be reckless, shoot your partner and rid Nigerians of your rubbish! @PoliceNG May my Uncle’s soul Rest In Peace #SayNoToTerrorist #nigerianpoliceareterrorists.”


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