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Rural Community Newspaper! Rural Newspaper Tourism Article

You are expected to submit your article on your trip to the rural community here. Recall that we all embarked on Rural News Tourism to various communities. Every group is expected to submit a video and an interesting article on the theme they worked one. Submit your article in the comment section of this post. Only the article should be submitted here. Deadline is Monday, June 3 by 8pm.

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    Education is a process of teaching,training and learning especially in schools or colleges to improve knowledge and develope skills. Education in Ukwulu is quite challenging,a school by name St. Timothy nursery and primary school Mary ville located in Ukwulu of Anambra state is facing lot of challenges such as low standard of education,untarred road,poor population,academic staff and poor infrastructure to mention but a few.

    In an interview with the headmistress of the school Miss Maria Chikaodili Ezeani she said “As a school in a rural area the school is facing lot of challenges,as a government approved school we want the government to provide us with funds with which to run the school,we plead with the government to help us tarre the road leading to the school for easy access.”

    Majority of the pupils live far away from the school which means they have to trek a long distance to the school. According to one of the pupils,Chinwe Ogbu “my home is far away from the school i have to wake up very early,do my house chores and prepare to trek to school.”

    The headmistress of the school is appealing that the government should come to they aid by providing them with financial assistance amidst other things,she also said the money they get from the school through school fees is not enough to run the school.

    The expectation of the Miss Maria in the next two or three years is increase in the population of pupils, good staff,academic excellence and for the school to move to a greater height.

  2. Arinze obiageli

    Arinze Obiageli .p.


    Isuaniocha community is located at awka north L.G.A of Anambra state. Their forefathers were so wise to have secured so much lands which they were blessed with from strangers from other villages. Now their children and children children are now of great benefit from this.
    In our tour in the town yesterday, we found out that there is a unique specialty which the town is actually known for. This great town is know for the curing of breast disease which is found often from women who are pregnant or women who are breast feeding their baby. Though it is not rampant, but on few occasion .
    Because this is literally what they are known for which their forefathers taught them, people from different tribes easily locate them for cure.They use leaves and roots such as (Akpuro okepie, Mgbugbummia, Edo, Alinu, UKpokoro) which can be found in the bush to process this medication for women. Both the leaves and roots work hand in hand for a better result.
    Isuaniocha with this gift, has made a name for themselves.
    Arinze Joseph who happens to be one of the eldest man in the village helped to lecture us on how the leaves and roots work, said that this breast disease is not caused by anything, it just start developing, though its rare.
    He lamented that it is a shame that nowadays children do not put interest on knowing anything about the treatment of breast disease among breast feeding mothers or pregnant women. He added that the legacy which their forefather left for them is gradually fading away and there is nothing anybody can do about it since English medication is now what most people rely on.

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