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Ronald Ikenna Nzimora biography, early life, businesses

Tales of hidden treasure are always thrilling, but even more so when the treasure in question might just be right in your own backyard. Nigeria probably has numerous hidden treasures in terms of individuals capable of inspiring generations of young people into greatness but those who find themselves in positions of leadership are probably not willing to create the right atmosphere for these special breed to blossom. There are still very determined Nigerians who never allow their environment to deter them from achieving their dreams. They are innately smart and constantly challenge their convictions, reshape them and allow them to grow proportionally with their new experiences. They know what stuff they are made of so they are always on the lookout for the next opportunity to breakthrough and breakout millions of ambitious young people from slavish mentality to entrepreneurship creativity and freedom. This is a very small group of young rare-breed Nigerians and one man you will find here is Ronald Ikenna Nzimora, Nigeria’s most inspiring digital marketer.

This is not the usual biography you read about personalities. You need to take some time to understand the individual being referred to here and what makes him a unique Nigerian. Let’s start with the people across the world who share similar inspirational early start in life with him. Take a quick look at these names – Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Ralph Lauren, Ted Turner, Steve Jobs, Lawrence Ellison, Ronald Nzimora. You probably recognize most or all of these names but not really what they have in common. All of them left school at some point to become billionaires.

Take a look at this second group of names – Stevie Wonder, Pablo Picasso, Abraham Lincoln, Charlie Chaplin, Thomas Alva Edison, George Washington, Elon Musk, Ronald Nzimora. I bet you don’t know what these personalities share in common. Well, check this out – these men were all inspired to greatness by their mothers. Wow, this is awesome, you may say. You now have every reason to read further so you can see how Ronald’s journey to greatness was sparked by one spectacular move his mother made in his life while he was in primary school. For a young kid who almost became a Catholic priest but ended up one of Africa’s leading digital marketing giants, Ronald’s story is filled with captivating twists and tweets that will inspire anyone to achieve near-impossible goals.

Who is Ronald Nzimora?

Ronald Ikenna Anthony Nzimora is a serial entrepreneur, copywriter, direct response marketing strategist, business coach, investor, social media influencer and author. He hails from Ihiala, in Anambra State, Nigeria. He is a founding Partner of Digital Nexus Interactive, Nigeria’s fastest growing digital marketing agency. Ronald is also the founder and CEO of Profit Marketing Systems Limited, one of Nigeria’s top digital marketing and publishing firms. The beauty of this story is not actually in what Ronald is today but in how he got to where he is presently. That is the interesting part of his story that makes Ronald the unique personality he is. Just read on and get the best part of this gist.

Early life

Born in the 1980s, Ronald grew up in a family with strong values. He went to a Junior and Senior Catholic Seminary (mission schools) where he was in training to become a Priest. He quit after 6 years in vocational training after opting to be a lay person and proceeded to a conventional University. Ronald nursed ambitions to excel in life even from childhood. His mother saw something in him as a young kid. She saw hidden greatness that needed to be activated early in life. So one day she bought him one of Late General Mamman Vatsa’s books to read. Unlike most kids growing up back in the days who would prefer to have fun or do other entertaining things than read a book, Ronald who was a calm and humble kid in primary school at that time, and had great respect for his parents decided to read the book his mom bought for him. That decision to sit down and read that book changed his life. That also ignited his quest to read avidly and passion for writing. Right from primary school he then knew that somehow he would end up a publisher. Just one major step his mom took prepared him for the journey to greatness. So many great men had similar early stories about how their mom began their journey in a special way. Check out these comments and see where Ronald belongs:

Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.” – Stevie Wonder

“My mother said to me, ‘If you become a soldier you’ll be a general; if you become a monk you’ll end up as the pope.’ Instead, I became a painter and wound up as Picasso.”- Pablo Picasso

“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.” – Abraham Lincoln

“My mother was the making of me. She was so true, so sure of me; and I felt I had something to live for, someone I must not disappoint.” – Thomas Alva Edison

“My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.” – George Washington

“She did quite a lot of adventurous things herself … And I think she sort of expected it of her sons, so I had a lot to live up to. I think I soon realized that if I were to satisfy her wishes for her son, I had to do some pretty extraordinary things in my life.”Richard Branson

“My mum started me off on the path by buying me Late Major-General Mamman Vatsa’s books when I was in Primary school and reading the man’s books made me fall in love with writing and from them own I knew I would be involved with the publishing business.”Ronald Nzimora

Hope you didn’t get bored by quotes but Ronald’s story needs to be placed appropriately so you understand you’re reading about one of Africa’s most influential digital marketers and tech-teprenuers.


When you have an encounter with Ronald, or you watch his presentations online you would quickly feel you’ve just come across a First Class material from one of the top Universities in the Western world. You’re right, he is a First Class material but guess what, he did not graduate from any University. That he does not hold a First Class degree does not mean he is not a First Class material. If you know him well you will understand that his pedigree is way beyond having a University degree. Ronald actually went to the University. He was a student of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State, Nigeria. He enrolled to study Agricultural Economics in 2003 and in 2007 while he was in final year something strange happened that made him drop out of school. What was that? In his final year Ronald had an appointment with destiny. If you know about Agricultural Economics you will understand it is a so tedious and tasking that you don’t drop out after you’ve survived the rigours and gained so much knowledge through to your final class. But Ronald had to choose between keeping any of these two appointments – an appointment with destiny or with a university degree. He had to leave school for good. It sounds strange but not uncommon in the community of great minds. Today, Ronald has proved that education is more of the mind set than the degree. After leaving school in 2007 he commenced a long process of trying out various creative ideas that came his way until he ended up at the top of the entrepreneurship food chain as an employer of graduates and a wealth creator.

How it began

When you see a successful personality and you want be like him or her without first making effort to read about his or her journey to the top, that might be your first big mistake. How then will you know how such a personality weathered the storm to get to the top? For instance, Walt Disney, founder of The Walt Disney Company, began his career by being fired by a newspaper for not being creative enough. Albert Einstein’s teachers at elementary school considered him a lazy kid because he was always asking abstract questions. Thomas Edison may just hold the record for most failed attempts before reaching success on a single project, having failed several thousand times before inventing a functional light bulb.

Ronald may be the most engaging direct response marketer in Nigeria today and an emerging tech-tepreneur in Africa but what he passed through to get to the top of the food change is unbelievably frustrating. How he overcame the discouragements is what makes his story pretty exciting. Ronald failed in a number of businesses, including Cassava business, a phone business, owning a pathetic business center, among others. Despite these challenges he refused to despair. Richard Branson once said, “Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” This seemed to be what kept Ronald moving on until he came up with an idea he said would fetch him a lot of money within a short while. Of course people around him felt he was crazy. This happened in 2007 when he was having serious financial difficulties. Here’s what he once said about this experience:

“Back in 2007 I was dead broke. I had just dropped out of University in my final year, which meant I had no hopes whatsoever of getting a job, much more a good paying job. I wasn’t just broke, I was desperate. Then one day I stumbled on a business publication called Success Digest.

Inside I saw a “crazy idea” about how to start a certain kind of business that would make me a lot of money in the shortest possible time. I was living in Lagos … and anyone I told about the idea laughed at me. They thought it was a big joke. They said I was a dreamer and that I had no “common sense.” In fact, my own Father said I was “stark raving mad” and that my idea was so foolish, he felt sorry for me. Well, I didn’t care. I still thought I had a chance and I forged ahead, placing a bet on myself. I had nothing to lose anyway. So I borrowed my sister’s laptop, did some flyers with the last N960 I had in my life, and what would you know? People did actually start patronizing the business.”

After taking that bold step of faith and belief in self, Ronald launched himself into the tech world. He used his first earnings to register his business, get an office, advertising what he had to offer the world. “Today, … that one ‘foolish’ idea that was ridiculed and laughed at has led me to build two hugely successful businesses, Digital Nexus Interactive and BuyWell Properties Limited that now pulls in millions of profits every year, “ he said.

According to Ronald, in an interview he granted way back in 2011, his beginning was “In a sentence, very very rough. I failed more times than I care to remember.”

He even attempted online businesses back in 2003 after he came across a copy of Success Digest Extra magazine. He went ahead to try all kinds of stuff, from article writing, affiliate marketing via adworefood chds, to newsletter publishing. None of them worked. So 2003 to 2007 was a frustrating period of trial and error for Ronald during which he kept failing.

“For four long years, I failed at everything I tried, then I realized the problem. In fact two problems, first one was, I was running after the latest promise of success, if you did this and this. Just the same kind of promises you see around these days. Second I was selling nothing. When I realized that, I simply threw away everything I was doing and decided to focus on creating information products and you know what I discovered …? All the people who were making money were… selling something! Now isn’t that a revelation? Think about it.”

Ronald decided to focus on one model and create something he could sell. He didn’t rush into it. The first thing he did was to go learn how to design a website having discovered that all the info marketers were selling a product from a website. This was happening while he was still a University student. He had to use his pocket money to pay for the website training and this prepared him for the successes he is enjoying today.

Ronald recorded impressive success back in 2007 when he started out. After creating his first information product in October 2007 he made over $2000 in less than a month. That was not a small achievement at that time for a young man who was dead broke a few weeks earlier. However, he had another terrible misfortune as his PayPal account was frozen and he lost the entire cash. It was like a nightmare.

“I lost everything and then I hated the company, hell, I hated Internet marketing. The following year, 2008, I decided to attend Dr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase’s information marketing business workshop in April 2008 when I borrowed the N5000 fee from my younger sister. Yeah, I knew he could show me what I did wrong. After the seminar, my first information product still failed. I mean after the information marketing business workshop.” The spirit of tenacity came to the rescue and Ronald kept fighting on until he became a millionaire tech giant and one of Nigeria’s most influential young CEOs.

Entrepreneurship Empire

Ronald has recorded remarkable achievements in the business world by leveraging on his experiences as a tech-based entrepreneur and the quest to taste new grounds for fresh successes. Here are some of his footprints that are yielding results in terms of financial and human capital development;

Digital Nexus Interactive

Ronald founded Digital Nexus Interactive in 2008. This is a digital marketing agency that spends over N1 billion each year buying attention for its clients and turning it to profit. This establishment has grown to become one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Nigeria. Digital Nexus Interactive, manages over 100 million Naira in ad spend every month for its clients, selling over 35 billion Naira worth of products and services for them every year, using the internet. Among the clients of this establishment are NairaBET, Travel Bay, Success Power International (owned by Pastor Sam Adeyemi) and ThisDay. With a borrowed laptop and self-belief, Ronald began this company which now dances around billions of naira worth of businesses annually. It is pertinent to add that the borrowed laptop .actually broke down while Ronald was burning out the first set of CDs he used to sell digital information by hand, when he started out to actualize the dream.

Profit Marketing Systems Limited

Ronald founded Profit Marketing Systems Limited in 2018. This establishment has two arms – a Publishing arm which primarily publishes and sells books exclusively online, and a Consulting arm which consults for small business owners and corporate organizations with a view to helping them market their services and products on the internet.


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Podcasts and The Ronald Nzimora Show on YouTube

Ronald has series of podcasts he uses to teach business ideas and how to breakthrough in specific niche markets. Several of his videos have provided strategies which have helped many people attain success. His YouTube channel might not be huge but the contents he dishes out regularly are pretty insightful. The Ronald Nzimora show on YouTube is a very popular destination for upwardly creative minds who, like Ronald did, desire to opt of paid employment to own their own businesses.

Business LABS

In 2017, Ronald founded Business LABS, an educative online community primarily focused on helping new and existing business owners sell more effectively and grow their businesses using the internet. While creating Business Labs Facebook group, Ronald described himself as part of an underground group of entrepreneurs who were not born rich, had no privileges but fought to get their businesses started without relying on venture capitalists. Business Labs is used by Ronald and his team to create life-changing products and services, and build businesses which owners can pass to their offspring.


Ronald is a best-selling author with books that change the lives of readers. His book I Will Teach You Business published in 2019 is among his most sought-after works. This is where he used simple and conversational language to present steps that help people make a lot of money through a business that practically runs itself. Sounds strange but once you start reading this book you will easily figure out how this works. Another very popular book written by Ronald is Sell Your Brain which was published in 2016. This was his very first book and he made $31,000 by giving the book away free of charge, not by selling it. Yes, that’s one of the unconventional marketing strategies associated with highly skilled marketers like Ronald. He also has another book entitled Triangle of Profits published in 2016.

BuyWell Properties Limited

Ronald is a co-founder of Buywell Properties, one of the leading real estate establishments in Nigeria. The company was established in 2018. This was another display of unmatched ability to take risks to achieve a dream. Ronald had expressed apprehension on tweeter the day he announced to the world that he was launching a real estate firm. He said he was apprehensive because in a very long while this was the first time he was investing in a new sector. But guess what, shortly after the establishment of that firm, the company hit profits even without what is generally seen as basic requirements for a new business to start. Here’s what Ronald wrote about this initial success: “Our new company, BuyWell Properties Ltd, is already in the green. Already earned slightly above what its cost to set up so far. We don’t have a logo. We don’t have colors. We don’t have a slogan/catchphrase/tagline. You know those things people use as excuses to not take action.” Today, BuyWell Properties Limited records profits in millions of naira annually. Those following Ronald on twitter are enjoying flashes of self-development and self-belief nuggets from him.

Twitter rants

Though the term “social media influencer’ is becoming increasingly abused especially among opportunists in Nigeria who have nothing to offer but to keep posting meaningless comments on various platforms, there are still very few respected influencers in the country. Ronald is one of them. His twitter handle is ever busy with rants, comments and training snippets for young minds that have ambition to become entrepreneurs. Ronald is not the type that hides his feelings on any issue as he has had numerous tweets that went viral due to their controversial nature. Among such controversial rants and tweets are as follows: he once said he did not like the way Nnamdi Kanu was handling the issue of Biafra, reminding the world that Ojukwu said no need for second war; he once said people shouldn’t stop their marriage because of Covid-19; he blasted some Nigerians abroad when he wrote “you are evil if you’re still abroad telling people not to come”; he blasted Daddy Feeeze for celebrating fraudsters while attacking pastors; he condemned the killings in Southern Kaduna (which most influencers would choose to avoid in order not to sound controversial); he once said “I actually tell people not to get married …because it’s a life-changing commitment, don’t do it without being sure”; he advised women to buy properties in their name and also will it to their children, and wrote “Dear woman, keep your property IN YOUR NAME. Will it to your children. Let your husband go work, make money and buy his own, in his own name alone if he wants. This world is full of uncertainties. Don’t complicate it further and make it harder for yourself by yourself.” People who follow Ronald on twitter are really having fun though he doesn’t write to please anyone. In fact he once wrote that anyone who did not like his comments should unfollow or block him. “That’s why those options were created.”

Mentor and life coach

Ronald is one of the most impactful mentors the tech world has seen in Nigeria. He succeeds in business by leading by example. This means as he advises people to have great minds they look up to he also has very successful persons he likes modeling his life and business after. One of them is Richard Branson. Ronald never misses an opportunity to mention this man’s name whether he has to. “I love Richard Branson for his wittiness and for the fact that for him business must be mixed with fun. I try as much as possible to make my businesses fun. And to ensure my small team of staff members have a lot of fun working for me,” he once said. Another personality he has always referred to as his “foremost mentor” is Dr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase, the co-owner and Publisher of Complete Sports, Success Digest and Entertainment Extra. Ronald says Dr. Obazu-Ojeagbase taught him almost everything he knows today about business. There is also Dr. Ope Banwo, a lawyer and partner at Banwo and Igbokwe, based in Nebraska, USA. Ronald also gives credit to him from time to time for helping him weather the storm of challenges in life.

Ronald is mentoring up and coming young business people. He also advises and helps them out with funding whenever he can, including offering trainings to support their dreams.


Whenever you meet Ronald or watch him speak through any platform, you have this feeling that you have just interacted with greatness. His personality is unbelievably infectious, capable of making you task your ingenuity to achieve dreams that seem impossible within your environment. He is a role model to many Nigerians who see hope in the story of his journey to the top and understand that education is not about degree but pedigree. Ronald is a total package in the inspirational product line which makes him an invaluable treasure to millions of young Nigerians especially those who live and want to succeed in Nigeria.

Here is an advice Ronald gave to Nigerian youth on how to achieve their dreams: “My advice is, learn from the very best. They can be hard to find. They may be expensive but they’re worth every penny. Learn from them, and get them to teach you one-on-one. Then learn on your own, pay good money to buy materials from the top gurus and most important, put to action what you learn.” Sounds simple but when you read the success stories of great people you will understand you need mentors like Ronald Nzimora to safely navigate through harsh and competitive atmosphere to the top of today’s evolving digital world.

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