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Role Models! Identical Twins – Queen Click & Cool Breeze – Visit Orphanage to Celebrate Birthday (Photos)


This is what students should be in the society – true role models.

Chinyere and Vivian Edeh are identical twins. While Chinyere a.k.a. Queen Click is a 200 level student of Mass Communication, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, her sister Vivian a.k.a. Cool Breeze, is a 200 level student of English, Open University of Nigeria. Cool Breeze is married with kids.

These two beautiful ladies thought it wise to celebrate their birthday today at an orphanage in Anambra state, where they spent quality time with motherless babies. This is high level philanthropy coming from students. They chose to celebrate with motherless babies instead of wasting precious time dancing ‘One Corner’ with Slay Queens in the name of high class birthday.

On this special day in their life, they remembered the needy. They are really real women and true role models.

We say a happy birthday to them and wish them all the best in life. See photos;

Queen Click and Cool Breeze


Queen Click and Cool Breeze celebrating their birthday at the Orphanage

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  1. Babies happy birthday to you two ,more years ahaead and a prosperous year too…? you guys




  3. awwwn so sweet, happy birthday dearies…. God bless the both of you.

  4. Ezeifeka Emmanuella

    This is beautiful!
    Group C

  5. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    Happy birthday dearies… Wishing the both of you long life and prosperity in good health… As u have remembered those in need my God also remember the both of you and never forget you two

    Group D

  6. ojimba ogochukwu o.


  7. wow this is really Nice and heart touching
    thanks for Remembering the needy may God bless you girls and enrich your pockets also i wish you both a very happy birthday and many more years in Jesus Name Amen.

  8. Wow dats so nice of you dear you are truly a real African woman..once again happy birthday to u sweetie.
    Group E

  9. Hbd Salome, wullnp from the other side… God bless u 4 remembering d needy

    Group E

  10. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    Happy birthday twin girls wishing you girls long life and prosperity
    Group M

  11. wow, happy birthday dear,wish you long life and prosperity
    Group E

  12. wow this is really Nice and heart touching
    thanks for Remembering the needy may God bless
    you girls and enrich your pockets also i wish you
    both a very happy birthday and many more years
    in Jesus Name Amen.

    Team L Reporter

  13. Wow!!! happy birthday dearest. you really celebrated in a good way.

    group h

  14. Happy birthday lovely twins,God bless your new age.
    Group G.

  15. Impressive!!… Happy birthday ladies. Wish you a prosperous life and may the good you have done come back to you. Group K

  16. Micheal Nwazuloke

    This is Marvelous.. Nice one my cours-mate.. Godbless you for this

  17. Happy birthday to them. They are really amazing. The children would be forever grateful.


  18. Wow! These twins are relly role models.Happy birthday to them.

    Team F.

  19. God Bless you sweetie for taking this time out to do this,may He blissful love follow you as you journey in life.Happy birthday dear and a blissful marriage life to your sisi. team K

  20. This is really thoughtful of you both. Happy Birthday dearies.More Grace
    Group E

  21. Wow .is really nice ,they are really identical and beautIful
    Group G

  22. Wow this is nice. Happy Birthday
    Group E

  23. Anagboso chimdimma joy

    Happy birthday dearies..
    Age with grace
    Group M

  24. Amene Chidera Doris

    Wow! She is indeed a role model.. Happy birthday dearie..long life and prosperity.
    Team H

  25. happy birthday??dear wish you long life and prosperity
    quiz no:55
    group: E

  26. Happy birthday to these lovely ladies. As you celebrate your birthday with the needy today, may the good Lord bless you both abundantly on Jesus name, Amen.
    Group J

  27. Group A

  28. Group A
    Hbd chi

  29. Woow. I never knew that she was a twin,happy birthday to u guys.age wit success. Chidume happiness. C.group D

  30. Happy birthday dear wish you love,long life and prosperity’s

  31. ifejika Celestine

    waw lovely. you guys are rely a role model.

    team: C

  32. happy birthday to you both, I pray to God to grant you more years to come and as you put smiles on the faces of this children today God will never take smile away from you.Amen

  33. Happy birthday dear, may God bless your new age.106

  34. Happy birthday dearest, age with grace. 105

  35. More money to your account
    Team l(reporters)

  36. Ataka Fortunatus Tobenna

    Happy birthday dear wish you long life and prosperity’s

  37. look at them looking so pretty….and celebrating their birthday in an orphanage home, that’s good….

    Group i

  38. oh! my God, this is so nice . I love this HapPy birthday sweet twins sisters LLP may the good Lord shower you with his blessing as you celebrate. group H

  39. Onyi Ogochukwu Mary


  40. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary


  41. happy birthday to both of you

  42. happy birthday to both of you
    group H

  43. Am proud of both of you,hpd girls

    Group f

  44. Wow! She is indeed a role model.. Happy birthday
    dearie..long life and prosperity.

  45. Wow! She is indeed a role model.. Happy birthday
    dearie..long life and prosperity.
    Group L

  46. Ebeledike Ifunanya

    happy birthday sweethearts identical twins indeed.
    Group B

  47. Happy womb escape lovelies. Greater days ahead
    (Group G)

  48. waow!! this is really wonderful, I can’t believe it, this lovely sweet twins sister tried a lot, celebrating their birthday with the motherless babies. Am wishing this beautiful twins llp, strong health, favour, and blessings of God.
    group: (I)

  49. Happy birthday girls wishing you Long life and prosperity.

  50. Aguinam ojukwu faustina

    A role model to all the youths…its a good thing to celebrate with the orphanage to make them feel loved
    Group M

  51. Wow .is really nice ,they are really identical and
    beautIful happy birthday dearies
    Group L

  52. That a good way to celebrate a birthday..you guys should age with grace…
    group M

  53. okeke chiamaka gabriella

    Happy birthday…. May God bless your new age

  54. Obido chiamaka Genevieve

    happy Birthday dear
    wish you heavens best
    group E

  55. This is the real definition of gorgeous ladies with golden heart
    Group M

  56. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel

    Happy birthday to this two amazing twins . At list if students can celebrate their birthday with orphanage ,things will be better.

    Group F

  57. deborah nwankwo 2016054130

    wow! that’s so wonderful of you guys… happy birthday to you girls,and my birthday is on Friday 10th November, i hope it goes well..
    group c

  58. That was so sweet and thoughtful of you guys.. Happy birthday Dear

  59. This shows your sense of humour. Happy birthday girls. Long life and prosperity dear

  60. Iweorah Ezinne Esther

    Happy birthday dear age with GRACE, nice one.Team L

  61. happy birthday to you twins may the Lord bless you as you age one today.
    Team k

  62. Happy birthday m’y dearest bigger you i pray Amen.

  63. happy birthday to you, wishing you long life and prosperity.
    Team B.

  64. Chidozie Chiazokam Jennifer

    awwn…Happy birthday lovelies!!
    Group A

  65. hbd to u two beauties,God bless ur new age

  66. nwankwo chinaza blessing

    Happy birthday dearies wish you guys long life and prosperity Hip Hip Hip!!Hurray!!!
    Group j

  67. Congrats dear . Its not easy at all.
    Group G

  68. Happy birthday beautiful ladies

    More birthday blessings

    Group G

  69. God will surely open every closed for the both of them,Happy Birthday to them.

    Group F.

  70. Chukwunedu Nkechi Francisca

    That was a great work u did,may God replenish you in abundance. Happy birthday to you
    Team C

  71. Chukwurah chinwike Christopher

    Hbd to u both …..
    Group K

  72. Happy birthday my dear. God bless ur good works and new age.
    Team G

  73. Happy birthday Girls! age gracefully.

    group D

  74. wow beautiful Girls, Happy birthday wish you long life and prosperity and many more years.
    Theme B.

  75. Obi Chikaodili Augustina

    happy birthday darlings
    may God bless you guys
    team B

  76. happy birthday ejima wullnp
    Group: K

  77. happy birthday chinyere wullnp
    Group: K

  78. Orphanage home is the best place u can celebrate ur birthday, where the kids pray for u and u play with them and some will end up sleeping in ur arm, they ask u ur name and sing birthday song for u…WHAT A WORLD WITHOUT UR BIOLOGICAL PARENT… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME ND MY OTHER HALF…THANKS TO GOD AND THOSE THAT HAD MY DAY IN MIND ND TIME TO PICK UP THEIR PHONES TO TYPE HAPPY BIRTHDAY SALOME…ALL THANKS TO DR.NWABUEZE FOR MAKING MY BIRTHDAY KNOWN TO PEOPLE…

  79. Emenanjo onyinyechi

    happy Birthday dear Bron queens
    God bless you ur new age as u the orphans
    this is good thing we should emulate


  80. Iloegbunem Emily Ebele

    More of our youths should imitate this show of love, rather than going to clubs and beer parlours to celebrate their birthdays.
    Happy birthday in arrears!!
    Group F

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