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Rock Solid Star Watch: Kenzy Young is as Huge as His Hot talent

Big Kenzy Young

Written by Emmanuel Ojiego and Vanessa Igboanugo

His real name is Ogochukwu Ojukwu but his stage name is Kenzy Young. This 100 level student of Mass Communication, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) hails from Nnobi, Idemili South Local Government Area of Anambra State. He began his entertainment career at the age of 15 when he developed a  strong

desire to write songs. He released his first single ‘Asanwa’ at the age of 17. Kenzy young says two people that inspired his interest in music are his Mum and his manager. His idols in the Nigerian entertainment industry are 2baba, Falz, Wizkid and Yemi Alade while those who inspire him on the world stage are Big Sean and Jidenna. His swag  on stage is really more flexible than his size. So when next you and excite your audience in a big show with a big performance, Hola at Kenzy Young.

Don’t forget the deal, when you see Kenzy Young rocking the international music scene as a super star years to come, tell others you read about him first on

Big Kenzy Young (right) and one of his  gees – Snow C (These guys are hot on stage)
Flashy Kenzy Young
Kenzy Young and his international mentor, Jidenna

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  1. Oh, I am even his ‘nwadiana’. I see.

  2. That’s great of you kenzy,more grace to your hand work and may God strengthen you and don’t forget to also focus on your studies .

  3. ogonna Marycynthia nkemjika

    Nkemjika Ogonna Marycynthia

  4. Wish u the best kenzy and always put God 1st in everything you do .

  5. wow it seems mass communication department are producing the best…..Good job Kenzyyoung can’t wait to see you at the top…

  6. kenzyyoung our upcoming star and a communicator wow!!!! the sky is your limit.


    wow, bigger you I pray bro

  8. Inspired by your music bro.. keep up the good work.. much love

  9. Super solid up and coming music star. Kenzy young I dae your back gidigba. Ma G, you go go far ni o. His most recent single ‘boogey down’ is a hit and dope and the one to come, ‘Roman girl’ will be ‘doper’.

  10. nice one course rep keep it up….i believe you will soon blow.

  11. God bless your career.
    Keep it going

  12. Never give up kenzy

    You have a big dream
    God bless ur career.

  13. Iloegbunam Emily Ebele

    Ojukwu Ogochukwu popularly known as “kenzy” his stage name… My able course rep!! God bless your talents and make you shine.

  14. Impressive. With your burning talent Kenzy I hope to see you at the top someday.Keep on setting the pace.

  15. Ahanonu chiazom

    He has a very nice talent and has great aspirations……..ride on kenzy

  16. Nice one kennyz.gud way to start a music career.
    quiz no 158
    group 15

  17. that light which shows through talent, will make you a star I believe someday.earn higher kenzy

  18. Chidume happiness. C.

    Woow. Mass communication have talented students, keep it up dear.

  19. kenzy it’s really a privilege knowing you as a mate,and an artist keep up your good work,but remember education comes first.

  20. it’s good seeing a young star showing up what he has got..keep it up!!..

  21. I’ll live to see you a star. keep the the fire burning.

  22. Edochie Vivian kc

    This is really great unlike others who choose to make it first /billionaires because of their talents, you chose to study first so as to get more knowledge which will be of your own benefit in life. (41) group 15a.
    More grease to your elbow.

  23. my God who could ever believe that ogochukwu a.k.a kenzy is a musician,now masscomm department has a musician I wish him success in his pursue on music entertainment industry. hoping to see him becoming like one of his idols,Bravo kenzy young

  24. Kenzy young really got a good talent,I hope you perform better than you do now,years to come.

  25. Onwusereaka Rejoice kelechi

    My God!am speechless,one can hardly tell that ogochukwu ojukwu is a good singer let alone being flexible.Wonders indeed will never end, Kudos to you Kenzy young.
    Reg no:2016054018.
    Quiz No:83

    • Ha ba. Why are you speechless? You write as if this boy is R-Kelly or Kanye West. He is still a fat course rep o. Tell him to pack out of the hostel first so he can grow fast in his career.

  26. ukaegbu nkeoyere ifunanya

    hmm kenzy this is great more grease to your elbow do not slumber so that in years to come you will be among the best nigeria super star.

    quiz no 62.
    group no 12.
    reg no 2015304008.

  27. Wow this is I must say,”impressive”.I wish you all the best life has to offer and greater you I pray.

  28. Inspiring with such a talent, keep doing what you do. Kind of awesome u are my course mate

  29. Iweorah Ezinne Esther

    Ogochukwu Ojukwu is a student of chukwuemeka odumegwu ogukwu university (coou),he has passion for entertainment (music).This is really an inspiring story.
    Reg no:2016054034
    Quiz no:8

  30. Kenzy it’s really a privilege knowing you as a course mate,and an artist keep up your good work,but remember education comes first.

  31. My ever able course rep.Ride on with the good work.Wish you all the best.

  32. Being a musician is one of the more valid art forms. Do not give up Kenzy, the beginning is always the hardest. motivation gets you going and habit gets you there brotherly.

  33. wow, my course rep is a star. it really nice knowing you keep it up. soon the sky will be your stepping stone.

  34. Dike Miracle Chinelo

    quiz no S7

    nice work Kenzy, keep it up and may the good Lord see you through your musical career

  35. Victoria Anikor

    Wow! this is great! so inspiring,more grace to you Kenzy young. keep it up & i wish u success in all your human endeavours.
    Reg no: 2016054151
    Quiz no: 124
    Group no:14

  36. baba tunde…keep it up my brother must surely happen music money on ur door step


    My Guy Kenzy I wish you all the best, but don’t forget to put God first in every thing you do.
    Group 15
    Quiz no 16

  38. Baby Boo I see you. I wish you the best

  39. Baby Boo I see you. I wish you all the best

  40. chineze Kate ozobia

    baby boo I see you.

  41. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    This is really impressive.
    Keep it up dear
    Wish all the best.
    God will see you through.

  42. ojukwu Ogochukwu

    woaw…talent redefined…the sky is your limit this is an eye opener for people who say big bodied people cant do anything i know many more upcoming artiste will look upto him for entertainment guidelines.

  43. Okeke chiamaka gabriella

    Keep the good work you have started Kenzyyoung…


  44. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    My manchi giving them back to back… keep up the good work bro. Success!!!

  45. ogonna Marycynthia nkemjika

    Waooo!!!!!wat a nice job,I am proud of u,keep it up,more grease to ur ebowl

  46. Agina Gloria Ebele

    Kenzy keep it up but don’t forget your studies.

  47. Obiasor Chinazom Helen

    Very inspiring

  48. Obiasor Chinazom Helen

    Very inspiring
    Nunber 96

  49. Dope mah niggur.
    Keep it up bro.. Let it not take all your studying time oo
    Buh still on still.. We ar all waiting for your latest track.. #Roman girl#

  50. this is wonderful, so our honorable course reap have such talent keep it up but don’t forget your studies.

  51. our future rkelly

  52. baba tunde…keep it up my brother must surely happen music money on ur door step…quiz no 9

  53. In as much I didn’t listen to your single.. ..More grease to your to your elbow

  54. omenuko Adaobi promise

    so proud of you,wish you the best in the entertainment industry, keep it rolling
    #mass communication rocks
    our future superstar
    quiz no 129
    group 8

  55. onuorah adaeze chidimma

    wow,kenzy young…more powers to your elbow in as much as I know you as a musician….and as a course rep are really doing great in the combination of your musical career and studies keep it up dear……… gracias

  56. masscom students are always leading that’s why we are the pacesetters… keep up with your good work kenzy young

  57. he has a beautiful talent …God bless your hustle..can’t wait for the world to see you

  58. He is an understanding songwriter and also and icon to others, i see him at the top years to come.

  59. kenzy my guy…keep aiming high the beginning is not always easy but the end tells a lot..remember God first bro.

  60. it takes only but hard work to get one”s self a silver spoon , keep working hard spoons higher than silver will come your…

    #Alll d best dude
    #team kenzy young
    #softwork .

  61. Chukwunedu Nkechi Fransisca

    Honestly proud of u.wishing u luck in the nearest future. God bless your hustle

  62. keep on hustling cause it leads to success
    All the best kenzy

  63. wow can’t wait for the new track “Roman girl”keep it up

  64. Well bro congrats on your success and well done

  65. what a great talent you have got,don’t relent both on your academic performance and career. keep it up,the sky is your starting point.

  66. what a great talent you ave got,don’t relent both on your academic performance and career. keep it up,the sky is your starting point.
    quiz num.7

  67. ogochukwu will be the next rated artiste in Nigeria very soon. 2016054004 quiz no 67

  68. Ndenweze Godson

    Really up and coming.Impressive talent you’ve got, bro. Keep this up with vigour and more enthusiasm.

  69. Wow that’s very great. Wish you the best



  71. this is really nice…kenzy Neva give up just stay focus nd workharder for the sky is ur limit

  72. Nwachukwu Nkiruka

    Kudos!!! So proud for you Ojukwu Ogochukwu know as “kenzy” bigger you l pray that God will take you to the next level and bless your career.

  73. Ezeolisah justin

    We need talent like this in nigeria music industry,more blessings to your hustle bro. S12

  74. For finally discovering your talent as entertaining people, so shall God entertain and make you happy all through your days of life Kenzy.
    Though you are too big but you proved to the
    world that you ain’t as lazy as some big guys.
    May God bless and keep you safe for us our fatty course rep….

  75. chisom Janefrances

    kudos to u dear

  76. Interesting! Keep it up Kenzy, never relent on your career Dear. God is your strength.
    Group No:12
    Quiz No:52

    • Igbokwe chioma Helen

      Wow this is so amazing,A very successful talented one, keep it up because the sky is ur limit
      Igbokwe Chioma
      Group 1

  77. Wow!!! keep it up Kenzy, you are going places…
    Never give up till you get there.

  78. Wow!!! keep
    it up Kenzy, never give up till u get to the top.

  79. you look so ugly what an igbotic picture,seriously bro you need to slim down

    • Nne take am easy with the guy now. This guy could be the next Kanye West. Why you dey tackle am like dis now? Is it because of the small pot belly he has? I promise you he will surely shed weight after at least three semester exams. But we really need to watch his talent because he’s got it.

  80. wow what a nice picture u really look good on the dress may u keep going forward by God’s grace.

  81. wow what a nice pics. you really look good on the dress. May u keep going forward by God’s grace

  82. More grease to your elbow Kenzy Fat Bombo…. Put more effort u will make it.God will see u through
    Group No:12
    Quiz No: 59

  83. Emechebe chiamaka precious

    kudos dear more power to your muscles,159
    group 15a

  84. i am happy for you it not eassy keep it up bravo but know what you do about your fatness you are too young for that

  85. i am Happy for you it not eassy keep it up but know what you will do about your fatness you are too young for that .
    quiz no 57
    group no 15b

  86. Good talent kenzy keep it up but you must try to focus on your focus(ur studies)

  87. Amazing I most say…keep it up (40)

  88. kenzy young is a hardworking guy that believe in himself,I have witnessed him perform and believe it music is his thing, keep it up kenzy God will remember you one day.

  89. kenzy am very happy for you,but God first in all u do. keep being real

  90. Ibeh Ifunanya Cynthia

    Its awesome seeing young youths go into what they love and get support from friends and family, keep it up kenzy. proud of you.

  91. Ezeakudo Mirabel Chinelo

    Wow this is nice, so many talents from mass communication department, keep it up kenzy …..

  92. Enechukwu Jamie

    His size isn’t bringing him down and am so proud of that, keep it up .

  93. keep on the good work on your music

  94. kenzy do your best and leave the best for God

  95. Keep it up kenzy. Your talent is great.

  96. Guy keep it up,it starts one day.wish you all the best Kenz

  97. Alex divine Chidinma S6

    Good goals
    Good talent kenzy
    Bigger u I pray

  98. chidozie chiazokam jennifer

    Wow!!! That’s good.

  99. nwufo vivian Chidimma

    wow, guy the ministry is moving, keep it up, God is your strength

  100. that’s very nice of you kenzy……may God strengthen you.

  101. Gush!!!!am amazed, can’t believe this. ..
    keep it up bro, God will see u through
    group 14

  102. Ebeledike ifunanya love

    keep it up. more grease to your elbow. more strength to your works and more success to your effort

  103. Ebeledike ifunanya love

    keep it up. more grease to your elbow. more strength to your works and more success to your effort.The road to success is near

  104. i love is desire and inspiration for entertainment. the is your limit bro✌

  105. his size can’t even be a barrier between him and success. Our big kenzy I hail you.

  106. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel

    The fate course rep,talented,creative but sometimes funny but annoying. God will continue to take you to places, don’t forget your studies oh. it show that Mass communication has talents all over . The peace setters. next rated kany west of Nigeria, from COOU, . please oh, when you hit it big, come to my firm for advertising. and no protocols when we want to call you for shows, it should be free. God bless your talent.

    Group 10. Quiz No :86.

  107. Nice one kenzy.Keep it up your talent is great

  108. Kudos! Bro heaven is ur helper,keep it up and always remain good.

  109. i wish you all the best,i can see you at the top dont be discouraged when you seem to face any challenge just move up and the sky would be your starting point all the best.

  110. mass com….the pace setters,we are really setting the pace for others to follow, may God retain you on the track…Kenzy
    quiz no:94,group no:6

  111. Kenzy,Big Bold and Handsome. keep up the work. Wish you all the best in your career

  112. Udogu Ogechi Victory

    Is this really my course rep? Wow! Kenzy i like your swag jaree but u need to slim down. ride on dear but you need to pay attention to ur studies.

  113. Wow.. very impressive kenzy young.. keep it up more grease to your elbow. proudly great communicator
    quiz no64
    group no6

  114. Well done. It’s not easy to combine academics with other activities. More grease to your elbow to our fast rising artiste.

  115. I like your swag,your are really a mass communicator,u deserved it, don’t mind what people say about your talent, it is not easy to come in a stage and present something tangible and great that makes people to be happy

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