Tuesday , September 19 2023

Ritual that prevents women from killing their husbands (Video)

There are age-long cultural practices that are still held in high regards even in modern African societies. In the Southeastern part of Nigeria among the Igbo-speaking communities there is a tradition that seeks to protect the marriage institution which is still very effective till date. This practice exists particularly in some parts of Njaba local government area of Imo State, where a woman who cheats and goes ahead to cook for her husband is taking a risk that could lead to the death of the husband. If the woman is accused and she fails to prove her innocence she has to undergo a ritual process called Ikwa Nso (cleansing the land) before she could get to her husband and freely cook for him without endangering his life. This is a ritual process that involves interesting conditions done in front of a large crowd of villagers.

Watch video for more;

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