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Revealed! ‘One Corner’ Dance Originated from the Animal Kingdom, First Performed by Humans in … Ghana – Studies

Recent studies have revealed that the popular indecent dance style, ‘One Corner’, is a dance first sighted among animals. A research group,, after thorough library research discovered that the so-called ‘One Corner’ dance is popular among animals as pictures revealed, just that the animals could not speak to say the dance step is actually ‘One Corner’. Several photographs show animals dancing ‘one corner’. “That is why people behave like animals while performing the dance,” the group said.

The first humans to dance ‘One Corner’ are from Ghana, and the indecent dance step is unfortunately spreading in Sub Saharan Africa.

“It is left for you to believe this finding, and know what you are spreading… or what you are stopping. The choice is yours,” the group said.

(See more photographs of ‘One Corner’ dance in the animal kingdom below);

What is the difference? Check well.
Animals even do it better
What is the difference?

All in the name of ‘One Corner’
So what is the difference? The owners of the dance are doing it better

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About Chinenye Nwabueze

Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.

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  1. Ojukwu Ogochukwube

    Lmfao 😂😂😂😂Nawaooo oo shebi have been saying this thing Ghana people no normal

  2. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel

    so one corner dance is actually from the animal kingdom, no wonder .

  3. My people are destroyed because they lack knowledge.
    They should keep the dance on. After they will tell me what is good about the dance.
    Nwankwo onyinye Grace. 2016054058DE (25)

  4. Lol.. amazing! So people now dance by imitating the animals step.
    Quiz no 93

  5. this is serious! from animal kingdom?
    quiz no:64
    group E

  6. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    Now I know how that this funny one corner dance style originated from the animal kingdom….
    Quiz number _094
    Group M

  7. lolx….copy copy humans now them dey share disease

  8. Wow no wonder people behave like animals while the song is playing

  9. Lol…see human being behaving like animal.there must be a spirit behind this so called “one corner dance”(76)

  10. udekwe precious nneka

    Nigeria will not copy constant light from Ghana is one coner dance hhhhahhaah
    quiz no.79

  11. Wawooo,my best music ever
    Quiz no:63

  12. I was actually wondering where this seemingly barbaric dance came from. It’s funny that we have reached the level of imitating animals just for fun.(56)

  13. Ebeledike ifunanya love

    One corner dance I knew earlier this dance must be from all this animal kingdom see the dancing step and corner both for animals and humans.
    Quiz no 046

  14. Indirectly humans dancing to this are animals…
    Quiz no 41

  15. Even goat is dancing the lap dance .Hahaha
    Quiz no 62

  16. Group K
    This dance is such a stupid dance.. It’s actually animalistic thou…

  17. Indirectly humans dancing to this are animals..
    Quiz no 41

  18. umeh blessing chinelo

    one coner has taken over God help us quiz 80

  19. so the people that are dancing one corner are invariably animals.
    Group no:57

  20. Chukwurah chinwike Christopher

    Lols……..Animals dey dance?

  21. Indirectly humans dancing to this are animals..
    Quiz no 41

  22. No wonder now I can see why most animal stare at people while dancing one corner (55)

  23. Anagboso chimdimma joy

    That is the craziest dance of the century, but all the same the song is good
    Quiz no 95
    Group M

  24. one coner will put someone inside wahala one day
    quiz no 003

  25. people actually have to how a particular thing started before they start doing it…105

  26. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    Nawa o
    This is serious o. So is the animals that owns this one corner dance. We now learn from animals.
    Is okay o


    I laugh in Hebrew
    γδωιωγσβσg 😂😂😂😂😂
    so one corner dancers are animals

  28. Am not surprised because most of the people I see dance to that music behaves like animal.

  29. Lol!look at what people are doing to them selves so actually this so called popular dance was actually originated from the animal kingdom hmm the way people fool themselves all in the name of this dance is becoming something else….
    Quiz no :43
    Group team : E

  30. so ainmal kingdom now have dance step “one conner”.

  31. This dance is really devilish,I wonder why human being will be dancing this kind of dance.
    Igbokwe Chioma
    Group A

  32. Chimeucheya Angela ogochukwu

    Nawoo this is serious oo but why must Ghana be top in immorality it’s alarming ,Ghanaians f

  33. why would a normal human being try to emulate animals… that’s aberrant!

    Group: E

  34. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    Group A

  35. indirectly humans dancing to this are animals..
    Esther dibia
    group M

  36. No wonder the idiotic ones find interest in dancing it…. (animals to be)

    Group D,

  37. ifejika Celestine

    I am not surprise, the dancing step is not normal. researchers thanks for the exposure.

    quiz no:27

  38. Even goat is dancing the lap dance that makes the dance not to be normal.Hahahahaha
    Group G

  39. Nwoye Mary chioma

    I choose stopping the dance…. It’s really a useless dance that should be stop

    Group f

  40. Ezenwajiugo Somto Prosper

    excuse me laugh…Animal dancing step…INTERESTING

    GRUP D

  41. Really funny;so human beings now imitate animals.

  42. Okoye Mmesoma Paschaline

    There must be a spirit behind this so called “one corner dance “that make people behaving like animals even though they are not one…. may God help us oooooo (135)

  43. Iloegbunem Emily Ebele

    The dance step is a confusing one,I pray it doesn’t come into the Church.
    Emily Ebele
    Group F

  44. Heavenly Father what is this world turning into,if not animal sickness it will be animal dance what is it, I hope the one coming soon will not be worsted? God help us

  45. This music one corner is spiritual, children now always dance to the tune whenever they hear the music including babes…. Well Ghana must carry their music and go!
    Reg no 2015054081
    Quiz no :103

  46. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    So therefore… Anybody dancing one corner is an animal!!! A wild one for that matter

    Group D

  47. No wonder,anybody that heard the song will be behaving like an animal.

    Team B

  48. No wonder why the dance is strange.

    Mary Anagbogu
    Group E

  49. nawa ooo….so this one corner dance is an animal thing…..And everyone is busy adopting the dance move….Anyway I hope this discovery will reduce the spread of the one corner dance..

    Group i

  50. No wonder those dancing it dance like an animals without minding where they are or something
    Group E

  51. Now I know the reason they look like animal while dancing “one corner”

    Group: L

  52. ifejika Celestine

    team c

  53. Hmm animal is now having the same dancing step with Ghana people one corner dance oooh! Group h okwudili CHIDIMMA

  54. Hahahaha so the ghanians chose animals to be their role model and africans did follow follow without knowing the origin of the dance.


  55. Hahahaha so the ghanians chose animals to be their role model and africans did follow follow without knowing the origin of the dance.


  56. The dance is so inhuman
    Omenuko Adaobi
    Group A

  57. Chukwunedu Nkechi Francisca

    Omg. Imagine been compared with animals. The world is turning into something else and its rather unfortunate.
    Quiz no:77

  58. light ifurueze (99)

    who would have thought it was from the animal world.

  59. Wonders shall never cease to end.. “One Corner Dance ” Hilarious in nature but a very crazy one.. I just hope some people would receive some sense n stop to act crazy..

  60. Hahahahaha😂😂😂…. I knew it, this dance was not ordinary, if only “one corner” dancers know they are imitating these animals
    Group Letter: I

  61. lolz!!!! waow!!! so funny, so this “one corner” comes from animal kingdom, so it is really their dancing steps, so interesting ooooo.
    Group: (I)

  62. what a ridiculous dance…..
    Group j

  63. Nawaoo!Der is nothing somebody will not in this life.
    Team H

  64. people can be unbelievable.. 105

  65. miracle Onyeje (98)

    it still beats me how people enjoy a dance without knowing the source we should be careful on what we listen to and dance to because it has its implications on a person

  66. Oluoha Chinelo Lorita

    hmm I don’t even like this dance from the onset.
    group g

  67. Hahahahaha … I knew it, this dance was not ordinary, if only “one corner” dancers know they are imitating these animals
    Group Letter: I

  68. Lolllzz…. Wonder shall never end ooo… one corner dance came from animal kingdom

  69. Ndife Lilian Uchechukwu

    There is nothing one will not see in this planet earth…. human beings turning their selves to animals (134)

  70. Such an abnormal dance.I wonder the joy humans derive in this dance.
    Quiz number 101
    Group E

  71. Mbadugha Adaeze vivian

    So one corner is from animal kingdom and we all have been dancing it,nawa ooo(group c)quiz 24

  72. An irresponsible dance step that should not be danced by anyone.

  73. Nwokeocha chioma Vivian

    Really,no wonder most Nigerian’s act like fools while dancing the so called one corner

  74. Imagine indecent dance!
    Human beings behaving like animals all in the name of dance called “One corner”
    God have mercy on this generation.

  75. Ogbonna Florence o

    Honestly is very true. I wonder why almost every one wants to become a musician by all musicians even those who do not have the talent.
    Team G

  76. That dance step is from the Pit of hell very soon the next Will be 360 degree dance step.I Wonder what this world is turning into.
    Group D

  77. Onuchukwu Chika Jennifer

    Nawaoooo…. this world is turning into something else, don’t even know what it’s so enticing about this song “one corner dance” (133)

  78. The dance is nothing to Write home about, só am not surprise that it originated from the animal kingdom

    team L

  79. Obi Chikaodili Augustina

    No wonder the people that are dancing one corner dance looks like an animal because it really came from animal kingdom…..that dance is really disgusting

  80. ezeh vivian chinaecherem

    hahaha cant stop laughing ooo taught as much because that song is not normal so is even from animal kingdom….lolzz apostle must hear this!!


  81. Chukwunedu Nkechi Francisca

    Team c

  82. Abi na so, the one corner truely comes from Animals kingdom. I can see different animals dancing the “one corner dance” with the same dancing steps.

  83. Ogbonna Florence o

    Is very true. I wonder why almost every one wants to become a musician by all means even those who do not have the talent.
    Team G

  84. Am not surprised we are compared to animals, so one corner dance is an animal dance lol.
    Team G
    Quiz no:76

  85. This is really serious,lmao

  86. I hope this discovery marks the end of this stupid One corner dance move.

    Group i

  87. okonkwo chukwunonso victor

    so these one corner dance am hear is a animal dance style,we have reach the extend that we human begin are now copy animal dance step.

  88. no wonder the dance be like when person start madness newly,anyways Ghana are funny

  89. okeke chiamaka gabriella

    lol…. so animal even joined the one corner dance….

  90. hmmmm wonders shall never,so this one corner dance really came from animals kingdoms and people are exhibiting their madness over it

  91. am not surprised about this at all.. but we shouldn’t be Compared with animals
    group D

  92. one corner dance makes me happy

    Team J

  93. Am not surprise, people learn bad things so quick.Despite the fact that the dance step is so ridiculous,they still do it, maybe because they derives joy from it.
    Team G

  94. Eze Priscillia Obianuju (72)

    hmmmm indeed the dance is really from the animal kingdom

  95. lolz… wonder they behave like animals while dancing “one corner”…

  96. No wonder the people dancing it behaves like animal… The dance is just so indecent and irritating, sign of end time
    Quiz nos 08

  97. Now I know how that this funny one corner dance style originated from the animal kingdom….
    Group M

  98. hahaha after people will what they have done to the gods of animals team l

  99. Maybe’Patapaa’is from’ape planet’.


  100. So the Ghana copied the animal.lolz group L

  101. Arinze obiageli peyson

    Group H

    Lolz😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I am actually laughing my eye balls out now😂😂😂😂. One corner dance is contagious indeed. imagine? From animals to humans

  102. strange discovery, hope we Nigerians we stop this madness o

  103. chidozie chiazokam jennifer

    A dance for people with no brain…

    Group A

  104. one corner dance from the animal world that’s funny

  105. so the dance is actually true,the pictures confirmed that the dance is real.
    Team C

  106. one corner is really a spiritual dance that lifts the spirit.
    Team M

  107. Nwaduike onyinye
    This is funny so one corner dance is from animal…. Nawaoooo wonders shall never end.human beings done become animals oooo

  108. Spirit of madness is roaming around the world. But I will jump and pass

    Okeke Augustina. C.

  109. Nawoo,no be small thing.

  110. Nawaooo.people should be careful with the kind of dance step they are dancing okay. chidume D

  111. Imagine! so this devilish dance is from the animal kingdom..wounders shall never! now human beings now ipractice it…

    Chinweuba Tobechi M.
    quiz no. 121

  112. Udechukwu chiamaka

    omg…i love this dance die
    name:udechukwu chiamaka
    reg no:2015054017

  113. Nwanzlibe ogochukwu.
    Ooooo one corner dance.i love it.

  114. This is really teachable, it is left for our youths to choose not to behave like an animal
    Name Ekulide Tochukwu Favour ref no: 2015054034
    quiz no:111

  115. Nawaooo people should be careful about this kind of dance Nigeria have turn to another f.

  116. Nwafor Prisca Chiamaka
    2015054129 quiz no:121
    Every soon it will be two corner dance

  117. maduka Ebere Constance

    hahahaha this world Funny o

  118. Egbulem Assumpta Ujunwa

    Egbulem Assumpta Ujunwa
    2015054138, 123
    So this dance started with the animals

  119. LWKMD, Ghana won’t kill person,so one corner is from the Animal kingdom, and people they dance it.2015054050

  120. This is funny, so the one corner dance came from animal kingdom and humans have being dancing it all this time. Lolz… human beings done become animals oooo
    Wonders shall never end

  121. odike stella Amaka

    there is more to this one corner dance😂😂😂😂(2015054126)

  122. Ndubuis Miracle Queen

    I knew that there was something to the awkward dance.

  123. Udechukwu chiamaka

    hmmmm!!!!this kind dance sef,I tireoo!!2015054100 Igbokwe Cynthia (078)

  124. Ugbagu Nneka Augustina

    can u imagine animals dancing one corner dance !! ,i love what am seeing.Ugbagu Nneka Augustina Reg no 2015054121(69)

  125. imaging…..This so called dance is from animals and u will see a normal human being dancing to such song….nawaoo
    quiz no :120

  126. nawo oo no kind of dance way person no go see

  127. Chidozie Chiazokam Jennifer

    nawa ooo this dance is soo funny and abnormal
    Group A

  128. Imagine.. The dance originated from animals why are my not surprised?. The dancing style alone is embarrassing and at the same time abnormal
    N0 004

  129. HahahHahahahaha!!!! this one off me
    I’ve always known that that dance has a spirit it came with.I even hate it it passion.(2015064047) (7)

  130. Chukwurah Uzoamaka

    This is serious…imagine animals dancing one corner dance.may God help this generation. Quiz no-131

  131. Lmao this is so funny what are this researcher going to come up with again kikikiki groupI(9)

  132. no wonder …even the people dancing it are not normal
    group g

  133. Nnadozie Chikodiri

    Nawa o don’t even know what this generation is turning Into mtcheew….. May God have mercy on us

  134. lol!!! hahahahaha!!! all in the name of dance that some people have decided to dance like animals. For there minds they will say is #CREATIVITY.


  135. Hahahaha

    So this is how this one corner dance came around.
    I hope this discovery make people stop dancing like animals.

    Group G

  136. ifediniru chidike c

    How can human being be learning from animals, this is indecency in thinking.

    team: H

  137. lol…. one corner will land us in trouble someday..
    quiz no 94

  138. lol.. this is real madness
    quiz no 94

  139. Nawa o. These days animals are just loving us humans. First it was Ebola,then Monkey pox followed by crocodile smile abi dance now its one corner dance!
    Lord have mercy.
    group J

  140. Okafor Chidimma Stephanie

    hmm..wahala dey ooo
    quiz no 95

  141. Onwuegbusi kenechukwu

    Lolz.wetin man no go see for this life

  142. Lol…This one na serious matter o…Since the dance originated from Animals, It won’t be bad,if “One corner dance” is renamed to “Animal dance”

  143. Obaze Marycynthia

    I still wonder what motivates pple about this one corner dance quiz no(77)

  144. Lol…So dis dance that makes some students behave like mad ppl actually originated from animals. No wonder…
    Group: F

  145. Ofodile Diana uchechukwu

    Hmmm it has no meaning and does educated.

  146. So this dance is animal dance and students are busy learning it.

  147. Ofodile Diana uchechukwu

    The song is not making sense at all
    Nwachukwu Nkiruka

  148. Okafor chidinma comfort

    whether the findings is true or false, this dance step is insane. Glad there are group of people who consider the dance step stupid enough to research on it. Thanks for the exposure.

    quiz no- 118

  149. Ezeifeka Emmanuella

    These Ghanaians and their shenanigans. Chaii, they are the ones who introduced people to this dance in the first place

    Team C

  150. Yet Nigerian youths have adopted this dance step without knowing its origin….. What a pity!!
    Nwosu Leona Uchechi
    Quiz No: 127

  151. Uzor Cecilia Ifunanya

    Imagine! I wonder how people derive joy in rubbish
    Quiz Num 73

  152. Ohijeh Blessing Eminormo

    The dance is just meaningless
    Quiz Num 74

  153. Udorji Ozioma Yvonne

    I wonder what this generation is turning into
    Quiz Num 48

  154. Ohazulike chibueze hepolite


  155. is a pity ,people dance to what they dont know 2015054058

  156. Nweke Nnaemeka Uzoma

    Wonders shuixall never end
    quiz num 31

  157. Micheal Nwazuloke

    Lol.. This is a funny dance,really ve nothing to say.. New madness everyday
    Group D

  158. One corner dance from animal kingdom, well that’s acceptable
    Cause people just turn themselves into something else
    (Group G)

  159. this means that people dancing one corner dance are from the animal kingdom.
    quiz no 25
    group G

  160. deborah nwankwo 2016054130

    Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Nowadays everything is first either caused by animals or done by animals.. God will judge animals and pardon us..

  161. Name: Udemba Chikodili
    Reg no:2015954016
    Quiz no:129
    wonders shall never end one corner dance from animals . I think there is a spirit behind it that is why people behave like animal when the music is played. God save us, this world is turning into some thing else

  162. Ezenyimulu Okechukwu

    hmmmm… all about human now is from animal kingdom

  163. When I was growing up, we had severally types of dance steps few which are: Running man, break dance, Makossa, Mapoka e.t.c This One corner dance shall soon be a thing of the past, it and the Patapaa abi na Papataa….

    Group E

    Quiz no 102

  164. Obiechina Ifunanya Vivian

    Obiechina Ifunanya Vivian (Q.32)

    It still marvels me on how people derive so much joy in listening to such
    meaningless song. I just discovered where the abnormality came from while displaying the dancing steps, it’s actually from the animals… May God have mercy!

  165. Obiechina Ifunanya Vivian

    Quiz no.32

    It still marvels me on how people derive so much joy in listening to such meaningless song. I just discovered where the abnormality came from while displaying the dancing steps, it’s actually from the animals… May God have mercy!

  166. Quiz no.34

    I’ve always known the song to be meaningless right from onset with devilish dance step…
    #Sign of end time

  167. nwangene onyema .c.

    Hmmmmm this dance I have always seen it to be not surprise it’s from the animal Kingdom.

  168. nwangene onyema .c.

    Hmmmm this dance I have always seen it to be crazy, am not surprise it’s from the animal Kingdom.
    Num 26

  169. Emenanjo onyinyechi

    Aniamal dance indeed

  170. hmm,now I believe human beings originated from apes. aside that, the dance looks evil and very indecent.

    onwuasoanya Rachael

  171. Hmmmm so the dance is from animal kingdom No wonderThe dance step alone is so crazy (Quiz No 132)

  172. nah wah ooo. Obviously, human these days act like animals.
    Quiz no:6

  173. Hmmm so the dance is from the animal kingdom, No wonder the dance step alone is so crazy ( Quiz No 132 )

  174. Oh my God, one corner maddness

  175. Oh my God, one corner maddness No14

  176. Agwaraonye uchenna Maureen

    Wonders shall never end. Abomination indeed. people are now dancing to the tune of animals in form of dance
    Quiz no (85)

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