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Religion: Should We Pray in Church for God to Kill Our Enemies?

“Father Anyone Against my Progress, as they come out this morning, May Sanford trailer jam them.”

This was a prayer point raised by a pastor in Church today and a worried worshiper present posted the message below;

“I don’t know if it’s only me but I have always felt praying for our enemies to die in church is just not the Christian way of doing things.

Don’t get it twisted, am in church right now and the prayer coordinator just raised a prayer point, “Father anyone against my progress against my family progress as they step out of their house this morning, may Sanford trailer jam them”.
No one is perfect, and we’ve all got enemies. Imagine there all start praying like that or even worse.

I attended a church sometime last month and one of the prayer points was that, “Any body against my progress, anybody that is out to harm me today, before they come out this morning Father break their legs in Jesus name”. In my mind I was like it should be in SARS name not Jesus name because na SARS fit do something like that.

It’s not just right please because Christ preached love and not hate.”


View: What do you think about this? Have you heard any weird prayer point before? Share with us.

Meanwhile this is what a Sanford Truck looks like. This is what a pastor says his church members should ask God to use in jamming their enemies. Tell me who will survive an encounter with this truck, even if it is a friendly encounter?

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  1. The only enemy approved by God for u to hate or fight is the devil and demons. any other person u fight or hate as an enemy is against what Jesus preached here on earth therefore it’s a sin. So salvation ministries, Mountain of fire etc come to my house and beat me.

  2. God is never happy when a sinner dies. Pray for your enemies to repent if u must put them in ur prayers.

    Happy Sunday!

  3. We are all some ones enemy
    Yes in reality, we do have real enemies, people who are envious and jealous and hate to see other people progres.
    Their actions is evil, so focus should be praying against people’s evil.
    Saying percieved enemies to die is wrong.

  4. Nnanyelugo karen

    Biko why should I pray for my enemies to die
    In whose presence would God prepare his table before me???
    At least am not wicked am only sticking to psalm 23:5

  5. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    The prayer is not a right one to do because your enemy will never die rather we should pray that all there plan should go back to them.

  6. chidume happiness

    The more prayer to pray for your is for them to repent and seek the face of God. Because the Bible made us to understand that the fight is of the Lord not of us.

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