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Raw chicken jumps off plate in bizarre viral video! Internet is shocked

The internet is absolutely terrified with a video that has surfaced online and seemingly shows a raw piece of chicken jumping out of a dish prepared at a restaurant.

The clip was shared on Facebook by Rie Phillips, a resident of Florida, around two weeks ago but has gone crazy viral off late.

On the table at a restaurant, several food items were laid down among which was a plate of a raw chicken preparation. Soon after the dish was served, a piece from the chicken plate began to twitch, and moved continuously before leaping off the plate and falling to the floor.

Diners surrounding the table screamed in utmost horror in the video and as for the rest of the ‘chicken incident,’ watch this video that has captured it all.

Rie Phillips reposted the video from another account on Facebook and it has since then, garnered 19 million views and shared over two lakh times. The location of the restaurant hasn’t been specified but The New York Post reports that the chopsticks visible near the plate suggest that it could be a Japanese, Chinese or Korean restaurant.

Meanwhile, netizens are finding it difficult to comprehend the video. “What did I just see,” said one while another comment read: “Is this for real?”

“Why was it raw in the first place,” one of the users asked.

A certain section, though, seemed to have cracked the code. “It’s the salt making the muscles contract and relax, meat is too fresh”.

Some comments were really funny, for example: “It refuses to die even in death.” Another user also blamed salt: “That’s what happens when you put salt on”. Well: “I would’ve grilled while it’s moving and see what’s gonna happen”.

Asian American News website NextShark reports that Travis Malloy of TrailBale Farm in Temple Terrace, Florida, said that chickens may squirm for a few seconds after their “heads are cut off, but not after that.”

(India Today)


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  1. The Nigeria in me will not eat again or go to that restaurant again

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