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Rape allegation: Omoni Oboli stands with Busola Dakolo but says ”there was some incoherence in some of her claims”

Actress and filmaker Omoni Oboli has reacted to the rape allegation levelled against COZA pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo, by wife of singer Timi Dakolo.

In her post, Omoni said she stands with Busola but that were some inconsistencies in her claims which she believed was born out of ”truthfulness”.

Read what she wrote below.

I don’t know where to start concerning the story that’s still unfolding as I write.
The Bible warns us to “be quick to hear, be slow to speak, and be slow to wrath”, and going by my personal experience of seeing how quickly many took sides without first getting all the facts, weighing it against the character of all the parties involved, given our antecedents, and then drawing conclusions from evidence and an objective comparative analysis of the accounts, rather than from emotions, envy, the thrill of seeing strife, I have waited to digest the whole matter first.
What’s her motive for speaking out? Was it just to spite the pastor in question? Was it to destroy his reputation, or gain some financial advantage? Was it to build followership through the scandal that would surely come, not knowing that the pendulum could swing in either direction, for or against her? What exactly would spur a wife of a reputable and beloved entertainer, a mother, a business woman, with a beautiful life, coveted by many, to come out to make this kind of accusation?


Given her antecedent of being a calm, ‘dramaless’ queen (unless Timi says otherwise), with no history of seeking attention or being overly dramatic (at least not publicly), how did she get to this point of going public at such a time as this simply to make ‘spurious’ accusations against a ‘man of god’, as some have said in a bid to sound ‘objective’? I listened to the story, and because I know her husband, and his personality, I restrained myself from trying to weigh in based on the emotions that came flooding in, but here’s the thing, there was some incoherency in some of the claims, not because I believe she lied about them, but in my opinion was born out of the truthfulness of the real account. Why do I say that? Because unless you planned your own rape, the accounts are expected to sound incredible and spurious, and I suspect that’s why we don’t have so many convictions in many rape cases. Is there a manual, or rapist playbook that’s being distributed to all would-be rape victims (aka all women, and some boys and men) that I missed that gives point by point descriptions.

Rape allegation: Omoni Oboli stands with Busola Dakolo but says

(Source: LIB)


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  1. Okeke Chioma Onyinye

    Well Omoni Oboli has a solid point . we can’t really tell the motive behind Busola Dakolo saying them now,only time will tell

  2. Hmm.. I’m even tired of hearing different stories. Well, Omoni is right.

  3. Very True…… Also stand with her but there is a Very Big But

  4. Exactly!some of her claims don’t tally

  5. Lazarus kelvin

    Everything bisola said is fake .
    She enjoyed the rape, that’s why she kept calm till now . mumu

  6. Chidozie chiazokam jennifer

    Am tiref of hearing different stories

  7. Omenuko Adaobi Promise

    Nawa oo

  8. This rape story self
    They no dey tire

  9. Egbuwalo Teniola Glory

    Her story is not straight forward

  10. Ezekiel Miracle Oluebube

    Why is she saying it now

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