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Rahama Hassan biography, career, education, marriage

The movie industry in Nigeria is now among the most respected in the world. It is in fact the third biggest movie industry in the world (next to Hollywood and Bollywood). One of the sub-industries in Nollywood that has contributed immensely in lifting Nigeria’s movie sector to a level of reckoning in the world is the Kannywood industry. This is the Hausa language film industry with very huge audience base across Africa and other parts of the world where numerous Hausa-speaking film lovers reside.

Certain personalities made Kannywood a popular and respected brand across the world. Some of these personalities may not be very active in the industry today but they are unforgettable faces still deeply regarded with deep affection by movie fans. One of such veteran Kannywood personalities is Rahama Hassan, one of the most beautiful actresses Kannywood has ever seen who is very gifted in interpreting scripts and making movies very interesting.

Who is Rahama Hassan?

Rahamatu Hassan (now Mrs. Usman Sani El-Kudan) is a multi-talented actress whose role in movies stunned fans and made Kannywood one of the best indigenous movie industries in Africa. She hails from Kogi State but grew up in Minna, Niger State, Nigeria. She is among the very few female actresses that are regarded as legends of the Kannywood industry with movies that left indelible memories among viewers.


Rahama had her primary and secondary education in Minna, Niger state. She attended Police Secondary School, Minna, Niger State, after which she proceeded to the University of Abuja to study Business Administration. She also has a HND in Estate Management from the Nassarawa State Polytechnic. Rahama is not just a pretty actress but a well educated talent who has inspired up-coming actresses in the Kannywood industry. Though her fans wondered why she did not study Theatre Arts in school, her performances have shown that acting could be developed a s a burning passion which whatever course you read in school shouldn’t affect at all.


Rahama might not be as active as she used to be five years ago but her name and face still constitute a huge brand that contributed to the lifting of the Kannywood industry to great heights in Africa and beyond. She developed an innate desire for acting early in life and attended a lot of professional schools and seminars to polish her acting and script interpretation skills. She didn’t just want to be an average actress appearing on screen hoping to do well. She started her preparations well and ended up one of the best in the industry. Her career of over 15 years is characterized by quality roles in top rated Kannywood movies. It did not take her time to record her name among the top Kannywood actresses having introduced a new style of characterization into the Hausa film genre.

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Rahama’s career was boosted by the fact that her parents were supportive of her decision to become an actress, a very rare development among typical Nigerian parents. Instead of behaving like most parents who would shove their kids, especially daughters, away from acting, Rahama’s parents insisted that if acting was what would make her happy she shouldn’t hesitate to pursue the career with diligence, determination and zeal. She always says that whenever she had the opportunity to interpret a role, her parents encouraged her to put in her best, a rare encouragement which kept her going in the industry and eventually ending up at the top. The level Rahama has attained in the acting profession proves that she did not disappoint her parents who showed her love and support from the very first day she made it known to them that she wanted to become a great actress.

Rahama is one of the most talented pretty actresses not just in Kannywood but the entire Nollywood industry. One classic movie that announced her as one of the best hands in the industry is “Rudin Zamani”. This is one movie you should search for and watch if you really want to know how talented this beautiful actress is. She has starred in numerous vintage movies most of which you would want to watch again and again. These are ageless movies which contributed in building the Kannywood industry as a brand full of interesting productions and captivating plots. Among these movies are Bahijja for which she was nominated as Best Actress in Sim awards, Enuwa, Kudissiya, Musanya, Gaskiya Dokin Karfe, Maryam Diyana, Agaj, and Wassan Maza another classic movie where she fought for women’s rights. Rahama also worked at the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) but her stay at that work place did not affect her blossoming career at all. Today, she is one of the veterans of the Kannywood industry.


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Rahama got married to Alhaji Usman El-Kudan in 2017. The marriage was one of the most celebrated wedding events on social media that year. Usman is a successful entrepreneur and politician who is well-known as a down-to-earth gentleman. Rahama and Usman’s marriage is also blessed with a beautiful daughter.

Awards and recognition

Rahama’s impressive performances as an actress have attracted a lot of national and international recognitions and nominations. She was nominated alongside top Nigerian artistes in the race for ‘Face of Hope’ contest and ambassadorship. She was also nominated for the award of Best Actress at the Savannah International Movie Awards, held in Abuja in 2016. Rahana was also presented with the Best Actress Award at the Filmbiz Entrepreneurship Awards Organized by You Win. The award was organized in collaboration with New Qamar Media, a media and an integrated creative web technology solutions agency based in Mumbai, India. She was nominated as Best Actress in Sim awards for the movie entitled Bahijja where she put up another class act which endeared her to many more fans.


Rahama’s story is one of the most encouraging stories for many young girls in Nigeria, especially those from Northern Nigeria where the girl-child seems to have little or no encouragement to become a modern day celebrity. Her decency and humility as a successful actress has shown that acting is a profession where women with high dignity can exist. Rahama is an inspiration and a role model to many young Nigerian girls who wish to pursue a successful career in the Kannywood industry.


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