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Queen’s Corner! Oriflame Lifestyle: The Essential Fairness Skin Softening Lotion and Happy Skin Caring Body Lotion Sensitive Skin

Oriflame Queen

My name is Queen Uchendu but my friends call me Oriflame Queen. Not because I won any pageant but because I live Oriflame lifestyle.

I am sure you are having a nice time at home. Some are still doing their Industrial Training. Just keep working hard. But don’t forget the Oriflame lifestyle you should be getting used to by now. Body care is an essential part of life you should not play with.

Let me quickly acquaint you with products you should go for now that you are at home. Try these Oriflame products and get your body back to normal. That is why I always recommend Oriflame product brands which already have huge testimonies following them. Become part of the Oriflame testimonies with these products I will mention now.


Oriflame Essential Fairness Softening Body Lotion

This is hot cake for those who want the best of their natural skin colour to come out. Be truly you by using the essential fairness lotion.

If you love your skin, you’ve got to pamper it with Oriflame Essentials Fairness Softening Body Lotion with UV filters for all skin types. This brand is simply amazing on the skin. It helps to mosturize and nourish the skin.

Consultants should add much of this product to their order for this August. A lot of people are asking for it because of what it does to make them feel and look good. Place order for this product and make a lot of profit this holiday like some of us are already doing.

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Oriflame Happy Skin Caring Body Lotion Sensitive Skin


This is a mild body lotion with soothing Linseed Oil to help reduce the feel of discomfort and to help protect and care for sensitive skin. It is a delicate moisturising body lotion for dry, extra dry and sensitive skin. Formulated with nourishing oils such as pumpkin seed, linseed and sesame, Happy Skin provides 24 hour hydration for you.

Just try this lotion and feel for yourself. Oriflame brands are testimony supported bands.

Consultants should also make this part of their shopping list. The market is too good for this product.


Why not join us this holiday as we turn cosmetics into money. It won’t cost you much to register and become a consultant. All you need do is work a little hard and make some profit from the products while also getting paid monthly bonus by Oriflame. Get in touch with me on whatsApp (08101730055) now so I can walk you through on how to get on board.

See you soon.




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