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Queen’s Corner: Get on Board the Oriflame lifestyle now! Turn Cosmetics into Money this long Vacation!

Oriflame Queen

My name is Queen Uchendu. Some of my friends call me Oriflame Queen. Not because I won a beauty pageant but due to my life style which is built on the Oriflame brand. Join me as I begin this Oriflame column where I hope to provide the insight you need to start living the Oriflame life style.


I joined Oriflame Nigeria as a 200 level student concluding final exams. Now I am about to commence 300 level and I am not looking back at all. Today I am an Oriflame consultant.


I have been seeing Oriflame promotional messages on Social media postings but I got convinced to join the business after an Oriflame seminar I attended in my school, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Igbariam campus. I had initially joined to make some money but when I started using their products I discovered they were very good.

Oriflame products bring out the best in you as a woman and make the men more gracious. Now that we are on holidays, I am doing my best to become more established as an Oriflame consultant so that paying school fees and buying text books will no longer be a challenge. With Oriflame you do not need to bother your parents or sponsors for school fees, house rent or money for other personal effects on campus.

Let me give you a perfect example with Emmanuella Ukadike, the face of Oriflame in Nigeria.

Emmanuella joined Oriflame while in school. As a 300 level student she had started earning about N200, 000 monthly just by working hard. She also started embarking on trips abroad sponsored by Orifllame. This is one of the benefits you get by joining Oriflame Nigeria.

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Today Emmanuella has just graduated from school and she is not going to look for work for any reason. She is now a director with Oriflame Nigeria. She is now self employed and living her dream life style.

You see, if you join Oriflame Nigeria today and become as serious as Emanuella, you will not be bothered about looking for a job when you graduate. This is why my friends and I have joined Oriflame Nigeria. The student population is growing gradually in my school. You need to come on board now! This is a business that does not affect your studies in any way.


Oriflame Holding AG is a company, founded in 1967 in Sweden by the brothers Jonas af Jochnick and Robert af Jochnick. It is one of the fastest growing Beauty companies today selling direct. The company sells personal care and accessories online and direct.

Oriflame has a wide range of products, from skincare to colour cosmetics. I intend to be providing you information on the different wonderful products of Oriflame here. I use Oriflame products and they keep my skin healthy, my looks worthy, and my testimony obvious.

No need to waste time. You have this long vacation to try Oriflame and see whether it will improve your life or not. Make more money this long vacation, join me in Oriflame Nigeria.

If you are pretty cool with cosmetics, if you are passionate about quality beauty products, why not join me today let’s turn cosmetics into money. Let’s grow as a team. Don’t wait until others succeed. Be part of the success story today.

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See you next time.

To know more about how to join Oriflame, contact me on whatsApp: 08101730055.


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  1. Wow!!! nice lotion body,dark choco body.. were are the Slay Mama’s this one is for you guys!!! #OriFlame is the Best

  2. wow that’s awesome and lovely.i want connection too

  3. This is really good opportunity for all studens world wide, a better way and a better to choose for your skin, an opportunity that need to grab and make money for your self

  4. wow oriflame nice product and really lucrative….

  5. Oriflame produces nice products, my sister uses their Make-up, oriflame Make-up did not only enhanced her natural beauty, but also gave her freedom to express her individual, radiant personality.

    if I could pay my bills just been an oriflame consultant and it does not affect my studies…..hehehe wot else am in.

  6. Deborah nwankwo ogechi ,2016054130

    It sounds great, guess it just requires hardwork and Passion…

  7. It will be nice trying oriflame and I also admire your passion you put into this product keep it up….

  8. godwinejesoghaobi

    wow its nice,atleast it helps build a bright future for our youths
    Godwin ejedoghaobi chinemerem

  9. Iloegbunem Emily Ebele

    Nice one… good luck, I think I’ll patronise oriflame products as well.
    Ebele Emily
    reg no:2016054123

  10. wow it’s great and nice. I will patronize oriflame products and try the opportunity of joining the company

  11. Ezeifeka Emmanuella

    I’ve used a few of their products before and I can tell that they are good. It’d be very nice to work with them.


  12. Well-done, hardwork pays indeed. I will look forward to patronizing them too.

  13. Nnanyelugo karen

    Oriflame keeps your skin all glowing…
    “QUALITY” over “QUANTITY”….and its an ideal plan B business any one can venture into both students and working class..

  14. wow…the products are nice will like to have some of them.

  15. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    What a good and nice product.
    It’s also a great opportunity for students, to make money.
    I think am interested.

  16. Wow! Oriflame product are realy nice and good for the body. Oriflame is also a new means of getting money as a student. I will join the moving train ooo I don’t know about you.

  17. Oriflame product is a nice product for improvement of every woman’s skin and is a golden opportunity for youth

  18. Omenuko Adaobi promise

    Wow! Oriflame, will Give it a try

  19. chidume happiness

    Woow oriflame body lotion is the best, my aunt uses it. Oriflame is natural, nice cream for every ladies.

  20. despite the fact that it’s a cosmetic company, I mean girls love beauty products. money is involved… I’ll love to try.

  21. I appreciate Oriflame for its quality products. It is an ideal way of encouraging women to take extra care of their selves.

  22. Lucrative interested, expect my call anytime.

  23. Lucrative interested. Expect my call anytime.

  24. Obi chikaodili Augustina

    It seems very nice…I Will like to try it someday…

  25. Oriflame is highly good for body Maintenance. It is making visible what is hidden. Its lovely

  26. Its natural, its revealing, it is making visible what is Hidden.

  27. Wow a very good product that needs to be tested .need to grab it


    Being an oriflame consultant, you can make money as a student……
    AM IN!

  29. Seems appealing. I’ll give it a try.

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