PUBLIC SHAMING! Shocked wife finds naked shower selfies from woman on her husband’s phone…so gets her revenge in the most public way possible

A SHOCKED wife who discovered naked shower selfies on her husband’s phone has taken revenge – in the most public way possible.

Kimberleigh Barker from Queensland, Australia, was horrified when a fast food chain worker sent her husband John a string of flirtatious messages including a picture of herself naked in the shower.

The woman, who was known to the couple, had sent the unsolicited image showing herself pressed against the shower glass after asking John questions about Kim and the ages of their two kids.

John responded to the photo, saying: “cheeky”.

Outraged Kimberleigh, 35, first sent the woman a photo of herself in the shower with a tattoo of her sons’ names on her back.

She then decided to make her outrage public after the woman’s Facebook profile indicated she worked as a manager at fast food outlet Hungry Jack’s.

Kimberleigh Barker was incensed after finding a woman had sent a naked selfie to her husband John

The couple have been married for 12 years
Writing on the Facebook page of the fast food joint, she wrote: “Is it appropriate your manager from [redacted] store is sending married men photos of herself in the shower?

“Yours sincerely, the wife.”

Mrs Barker told Daily Mail Australia: “[The woman] had the audacity to ask how old our boys were, how I was doing, then sent him a picture of herself in the shower.

“She knew he was married, mentioned the kids and mentioned me – it was pretty much “How’s your wife? Here’s my t**s”.”

The hurt mum said she was annoyed with her husband’s response too, but felt the woman was more to blame.

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She told Daily Mail Australia that she received a series of angry Facebook messages from the woman, which accused her of being too “insecure” to allow her husband to view sexy pictures of other women.

Mrs Barker added: “You don’t say “cheeky” to that, you say “that’s inappropriate”,’ she said.

“He should have discouraged her – outside of that, everything would be fine.”

It is understood the woman no longer works at Hungry Jack’s.

(The Sun UK)


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