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Public Relations Studies

(Re)Positioning The Social Responsibility Theory in Defense of Vernacular Mass Media in Kenya: Going Forward

John Oluoch, Jerry Agalo, Peter Day




In order to objectively understand the nature and the role of media in peace and conflict management, it is important to understand the various ways through which the media influences conflict and conflict management. Howard (2015) points out that majority of scholars and researchers have concentrated on the role of media in economic, social and political issues affecting states with little attention being given to conflicts. Further, he posits that media impact on conflict management is an emerging area that has been under studied due to lack of multidisciplinary models and concepts that would view the media’s role from the realm of peace and conflict.





How Does the Help Desk Quality Improve Customer Satisfaction?


Ivan Pogarcic, Sanja Raspor Jankovic, & Rusudan Seturidze


Internet, virtual environments, and all the other modern forms of communication are a reality of modern man. Various forms of service with which we try to better the quality of daily life are becoming more sophisticated. Their consumption is often a process that requires a precise definition of all of the activities of which it is composed. IT support is just part of that process. The implementation of these activities requires a precise definition of the behavior of all participants. It is necessary to specify the legal rights and obligations of service providers and consumers of these services. Usually such services are agreed upon through the signing of contracts based on the level of services. Actors of such processes necessarily need knowledge, ability, and skills to use such services. Each and every service is a process that covers common behavior and can be automated or displayed as a computer program. The problems are the exceptions in such behavior that cannot be supported by your computer promptly. The service provider to such a situation cannot answer promptly, which becomes a problem for implementation services. The most common forms of support in these situations are known as Help Desk support. The service provider is in such situations forced to provide live-telephone communication with consumers. The problem with such communication is a discrepancy in the competence of participants required for the implementation of services. Providers of desktop support very often employ staff that is usually only accustomed to solving a certain number of problem situations. Training takes place most likely on the basis of empirical reasoning based on the collected number of cases that can be considered stereotypical behavior. This paper presents research that aims to point out the pros and cons of Help Desk support. Defining stereotypes is strictly related to the type and category of service. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that a service is a process defined by the needs of users and depends to a large extent on the users themselves and their characteristics. The data collected for purpose of this research are the basis of an attempt to define stereotypes of services that must be supported by Help Desk activities. This refers as much to the stereotype of users as it does to the stereotype of services offered through the Help Desk.

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Keywords: communication, Help Desk, service, Service Level Agreement, stereotype behavior



The influence of public relations on news coverage and public perceptions of foreign countries


Hye Hyun Hong

Iowa State University







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