Saturday , September 30 2023

Prostitutes force man who had no money to pay for s3x to wash their clothes (video)

This man was forced into this trap by excess quest for free sex on empty pockets.

A video has surfaced online showing a man being forced to wash clothes and clean the floor by prostitutes who discovered that he had no money to pay for sex.

He had approached one of the ladies for sex but after the lady had undressed she discovered the young man had no money. She probably asked him to pay first and that was how she found out the man had no money so they decided to punish him for even seeing the lady’s nakedness.

The lady had insisted that he pays before he’s allowed to have his way.

The other commercial sex workers came in and insisted that he cleans the apartment as payment for seeing the nakedness of the lady he approached.

In the video the ladies could be heard discussing the matter in local language while the young man sat on the bed.

They insisted that the man who was rooted to the bed in shame won’t leave until he washes their clothes and clean the apartment, or give them money.

The exact location of the incident is not known.

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