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Prospects and Constraints of Podcasting

Podcasting refers to preparing and distributing audio files with the help of RSS to computers of users who are subscribed. The podcaster creates digital media files in a series, and these series are referred to as podcasts. Podcasts have risen in popularity the past few years, giving radio very serious competition for audience attention and ability to consume content while doing other things. Like satellite radio, podcasts give viewers the option of choosing what they want to hear, when they want to hear it. The popularity of the mobile market has made it possible for TV broadcasters to reach people in places and situations they never could before. People now watch TV broadcasters in the car, on the bus, walking down the street but no one can comfortably do same while driving or even walking around. You wouldn’t want to bump into a wall or car while glued to your phone watching a visual broadcast. Podcasts make it easy for you to consume content while engaged in these activities.

Radio stations use podcasts to offer more in-depth information about some of the week’s bigger stories. More stations are using podcasts as a great way to supplement news broadcasts, even among people who aren’t driving or walking down the street. The mainstream media can also use podcasting as a good way to respond to audiences’ questions or requests for different types of stories. The use of podcasts by individuals and media houses in gradually gaining popularity in the media market.

To succeed in podcasting you need to understand the podcasting world very well. This means you should know the two sides of the coin in podcasting. Here are the benefits and limitations of podcasting..


  • Podcasts are pretty easy to create and this is why they are growing in popularity. You just need the proper software and a standalone audio recorder or a microphone.
  • Podcasting allows the creator to freely present, thereby leading to a powerful relationship with the audience. Once you have a unique contents subscribers will keep growing and your relationship with them will always be closer than is the case in mainstream media.
  • Podcasting can be described as user friendly. Just like blogging, anyone and everyone can create podcasts.
  • Podcasts are appropriately suited for content that does not call for visual support. This is why it is referred to as audio blogging. Information that does not require visuals can easily be shared through podcasts.
  • The audio material can be distributed in a range of languages making room for a wider audience reach. This means that podcasts help in breaking the language barrier and this is an advantage for audience expansion.
  • Podcasts give learners the opportunity to review information as many times as required. You can listen to the podcasts again and again to get the contents clearer and better.


Just like every other business, podcasting has downsides you should be aware of. They are as follows;

  • Audio podcasts do not properly suit subjects that are complicated and need to be accompanied by a lot of visual support. So you have to understand that is what you want to share with the audiences requires pictures or video support you need to look for alternative means to do that instead of using podcasts. The message will be difficult to understand.
  • Podcasts have limited search ability over the internet as the search engines often do not pick them up. This is unlike blogs and YouTube videos which easily pop up when searched online.
  • Audio and video files often consume a lot of space on the hard drive of the computer. You might have to be deleting your podcasts from your computer from time to time to free up the space.


Podcasting is an interesting way of sharing information with audiences. Once you set up a good podcast channel that is unique, you will surely have subscribers growing by the day. Despite the limitations of podcasts, they are a great way to distribute content and get the following of a large audience. Through podcasts you can create detailed information for distribution to employees as well as customers, depending on your target audiences and niche you are working on. The unique capability of information sharing made possible by podcasting has made it to be gradually growing in popularity and it is also turning out to be a great source of earning money. It may be tough at the beginning but like every other venture, consistency and perseverance will surely ensure you experience huge success in podcasting.


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