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Professor Frank Okwu Ugboajah Biography


Professor Frank Okwu Ugboajah was one of the top professors who had an outstanding reputation in the field of mass communication. He remained a genius of mass communication till death in 1987. His outstanding performance helped build communication education in Nigeria. He attended the University of Minnesota where he gained his B.Sc, M.Sc, and Ph.D in Mass Communication in the early 1970’s. He passed away in March 1987, on his way from US to Nairobi, after presenting a paper at the 5th biennial conference of ACCE. He was a professor and a lecturer in the Department of Mass Communication at the University of Lagos. He had an outstanding record being a lecturer.

Late Professor Ugboajah argued that as far as African communication research was concerned, the problem was not only that of research process, but also oral arts are needed to bring about more civilization in the society. He argued  in favour of harnessing traditional culture in the service of development. He also made emphasis on Oramedia which is a traditional communication process and social settings in which communication takes place; as he believes that it is a way of spreading development information. Frank tried his best to see that an attempt was made to integrate the traditional model of communication into development process. He was a pillar in communication education in Nigeria.


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