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Prices of Cows, Rams increase as Sallah approaches

Written by Nnaemeka Nweke

As the Sallah celebration approaches,the prices of cows, rams, and Carmel  are on the increase as more customers are expected for the animals.

People have started buying according to their capacity while some contribute to buy and share as they pray and wait for the Sallah celebration on Friday 1st Sept. 2017.
According to Ibrahim Ado Zango who is the chairman of Diga market along the railway, in Kano city, the prices of cows differ based on the size. The cows cost N100,000 upwards while the rams cost N50,000 upwards.

Zango stated that he has animal doctor that takes care of the animals and also security that watch over them animals at night. This is the major reason why the prices of the animals are expensive.
According to Auwalu Sani who is a Carmel seller, he stated that the price of Carmel is between N70,000 to N250,000 for the biggest sizes of the animal. When someone buys any animal from him, his workers take that animals to the buyers house and the buyer is issued a receipt for the transaction. He buys the Carmel from Niger republic while the cows and rams are purchased  from Yobe, Jigawa, and Kastina states.
According to Kabiru who is a buyer,he said that the prices are higher now compared to previous years. He added that there was less patronage because of the Economic recession and people did not have money. He concluded by saying,he hopes to buy one cow and one ram for the Sallah celebration.

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