Politics! ‘Rochas is bigger than Imo State. I am bigger than Nigeria’- Okorocha


Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, has said that he is bigger than Imo State and Nigeria.

Okorocha was responding to a question in a Vanguard interview as to whether he was running a family government by naming family members to key positions.

He said, “Rochas is bigger than Imo State. I am bigger than Nigeria”.

The shocking comment forced the interviewer to interject, reminding Okorocha that no one was bigger than the country. This made the governor to attempt an explanation.

“Everyone from Imo state is a member of my family. I see the whole of Imo State as my family. Rochas is bigger than Imo State. I am bigger than Nigeria.

“No, when I say ‘bigger’, I mean that this is not the only place I belong to. I mean I have gone beyond being an Imo man, beyond being a Nigerian.

“I am now an African. So, don’t put me like a small rat in a small hole. I have a bigger image than what people see.

“If you say I run a family government, that means I run a very big government”, he said.

Speaking on his controversial ministry of happiness, the governor justified his decision by claiming that 89 percent of Nigerians were not happy.

Okorocha said the ministry of happiness was important and should be established by all governments before any other ministry.

He also suggested that “Happiness 101” should be introduced as a course in the country’s educational curriculum.

“I am elected governor to guarantee the happiness of the people. Even the American constitution was created for the pursuit of happiness.

“I have realised that 89 percent of Nigerians are not happy.

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“The ministry of happiness is the number one ministry that every government in the world should establish before establishing any other ministry because it reflects the essence of life, the essence of government.

“Some went to research on it only to discover they have it in Dubai and other countries.

“Even my own type of happiness is more spiritual and in-depth than those ones.

“In fact, there should be a course in the primary, secondary and even university called Happiness.

“Yes, Happiness 101. You know why? Because, sometimes, you can be rich and not happy”, he said.

Speaking on 2019, Okorocha said, “If Buhari says he will not run, I will produce my political sword and go into the field for the presidency.

“I have not considered running for Senate. People think that is what I should do. I still cannot comprehend the fact that after being governor for eight years, I will run for Senate,” he said.

“I have looked into the senate and I have not seen myself sitting there. Unless some form of miracle happens then I might consider it. I might even prefer to become a local government chairman.”



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