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Policeman Beats Up A Lady For Allegedly Refusing To Allow Him Search Her Bag (Photos+Video)

Checkout this unbelievable video. It is the trending story of how policemen brutalized a young lady for allegedly refusing to pour her undies in her travelling bag on the grassy ground, that is after she had emptied other contents of the bag on the floor. Read the story as posted by a tweeter user.

The scene of the assault

Trending reports on social media have it that a policeman physically assaulted a young lady along the popular Warri/Sapele road, Delta State while attempting to carry out a stop and search operation.


In the course of the vicious stop and search operation, a policeman was seen brutalizing the lady with nobody to help. An internet user in the know shared the incident online with a plan to seek justice for the abused lady.


Read what the person shared online:


“WE ARE NOT EVEN SAFE WITH THE POLICE… This happened right now on my way to Benin,after the Army check point close to mercy land, police stopped our bus and asked this innocent looking guy n fine girl to come down, searched d guy from head to toe and even searched his phone…. Then searched the girl’s handbag and asked her to pour the content of her travelling bag on the floor (grass), when she insisted that it’s just her pant, clothes and cosmetics that is inside, he started harassing her and insulting her and saying we the passengers are not going anywhere admits our pleadings….. She finally poured the clothes on the floor and insisted that she cannot pour her pant on the floor, then he said the he was no longer looking at it again that we should wait and that she is too small and ugly to be talking to her, before we knew he started slapping her and even raised gun on her.. We couldn’t get the full video because some people were saying they will seize our phones.”


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See more images:
Watch the short video below:


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  1. Okpala frances

    Imagine….I’m sure this so called policeman beats his wife…tcheew

  2. Salome Olisaeke

    Policemen are foolish they don’t know citizens also has their right!

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