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Police Dog Sacked from the Force becomes Governor’s Companion

German Shepherd Gavel (Pix credit: nairaland)

A police dog been sacked from his job for being too friendly has become Governor Paul de Jersey’s official Vice-Regal Dog, in Queensland, Australia.

One-year-old Gavel was enrolled to be trained as Police service dog, but his      temperament was regarded by his employers as being “too friendly” to be in the Force.

The puppy is said to just love rolling over and having his belly rubbed rather than standing to attention and looking menacing.

The dog failed to make the final cut for Queensland Police Service in Australia because of his overly sociable temperament.

Instead of losing his job, German Shepherd GaveGavel was offered a new role which was to be welcoming visitors to Brisbane’s Government House as the Governor’s official Vice-Regal Dog.

The dog has also become a social media star as his friendly attitude which made him lose his job has endeared him to many Australians.

A spokesman for Queensland Government House said: “Gavel arrived at Government House in April last year as a six-week-old puppy.

View: What do you think about dogs even getting jobs in Australia? Would like to have Gavel work for you since he is very friendly?

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  1. Is best i employ someone that needs the job instead of a dog that i cannot communicate with.

  2. obidigbo ifeoma Christabel

    why employing dog,when there are one thousand and one unemployed graduates looking for job.

  3. why would I employ a dog well except it’s well trained and can communicate effectively

  4. Muotolum victoria

    nawa oooo dog kwa? ?
    people don’t just know how to spend money

  5. Nawa ooo

    Employing dogs???

    Quiz no 73
    Group 4

  6. Employ a dog? Wow
    Group 8
    Quiz number 97

  7. people are out there looking for jobs and here is a dog doing one..sometimes I wonder what people turn this world to!

  8. For Nigerians they will say why employ dogs but to the Americans it means a lot to them. Dogs help in many ways,they serve as watch dogs at home and they investigate criminal cases. To me i would like to employ one.
    Quiz no:72
    Group 1

  9. God what is all this even dog is now getting employment, soon it will be the turn of goat,God why?

  10. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    Employ a dog?
    Where there are many people out there looking for job.
    Quiz no 125

  11. vivian ezeh chinaecherem

    dog lolz why no give me the money biko….well is your choice

  12. Ebeledike ifunanya love

    Employing a dog whereas soul are out there waiting to be employed and when there are not there go into many social vices that destroys the image of the country

  13. poor dog….But God has elevated it from prison to palace…cute dog.

  14. So many people out there are looking for job instead of dog that can not serve u well
    Quiz no 120

  15. Dog? a job? Woah n they are thousands of unemployed Nigerians roving d streets of d state, Ogbeni Nigerians where ona dey??? I dey shame
    quiz no:118
    group no:6
    reg no:2016054050


    so, no human is capable of
    ” standing to attention and looking menacing”
    We never see anything oo

  17. Every disappointment is a blessing what had seem to be a disappointment for the dog turned to be a blessing,but it is absurd how a job meant for a human being is given to a dog.
    Group no:10

  18. Dog… nice..Dogs are really good companion
    quiz no129

  19. whow..sounds interesting, Dog??
    Well Americans knows how to communicate with dogs unlike Nigerians.
    Not surprise that dogs could be in the team of F.B.I

  20. So they employ dogs also. Am sure the unemployed youths will start shedding tears after reading this story. Really it’s not fair at all.

  21. The dog is lucky. Acquiring a job that many would die for. Left to me the dog would be left in a home that needs a pet and a human would be employed in its place.

  22. The dog is lucky. Acquiring a job that many would die for. Left to me the dog would be left in a home that needs a pet and a human would be employed in its place.(107)

  23. employing a dog?
    this is incredible
    quiz no: 94

  24. this is really funny a dog being employed is their no human to do that

  25. Anagboso chimdimma joy just like from pit to palace,employing a dog is quite shocking

  26. Employing dogs

    This is very serious

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