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Police Arrest Man Who Strangled And Shot His Own Kids With Crossbows (Photo)

Ina Rogers, 30, and Jonathan Allen, 29, have been charged with neglect and torture 
Ten children who were rescued from a squalid Northern California home were waterboarded, strangled, and shot with crossbows by their father, prosecutors said.
The children, who range in age from 4 months to 12 years, were taken into protective custody in Fairfield, north of San Francisco, this week.
Their parents Jonathan Allen, 29, and Ina Rogers, 31, were subsequently arrested and charged with neglect and torture.
Horrific details of the alleged abuse were revealed in a motion to increase bail for Rogers, who prosecutors claim did nothing to stop Allen from harming the children.
Solano County Deputy District Attorney Veronica Juarez said the children were getting ‘punched, strangled, and bitten’ on a ‘continuous basis’.
She said they were also being shot at with ‘weapons such as crossbows and bb guns’ and hit with ‘weapons such as sticks and bats’.
They were also subjected to ‘waterboarding and having scalding water poured on them’, she added.
The children, some of whom had visible scarring, told investigators that they had suffered puncture wounds, burns and bruises. They also showed injuries consistent with being shot by pellet guns.
Allen has pleaded not guilty to multiple counts of torture and felony child abuse. He is currently in Solano County Jail on $5.2million bail.
Rogers, who did not enter a plea on Wednesday, has been charged with nine counts of felony child abuse. Her bail has been set at $495,000.
Prosecutors claim that Rogers assisted her husband in the abuse and ‘dissuaded’ their children reporting injuries that included broken arms.
Police conducted a six-week investigation and said nine of the 10 children had been tortured as far back as 2014.
‘I’m horrified by the statements that were given by these children,’ Sharon Henry, a prosecutor with the Solano County district attorney’s office, told the LA Times.
Henry added that the children, who were home-schooled, had been tortured for ‘a sadistic purpose.’
The investigation started on March 31 when the children’s mother called police to report that her 12-year-old son was missing.
Police eventually found the boy asleep under a bush in a neighbor’s yard and took him back to his home.
They said they found the boy’s nine siblings ‘huddled together on the living room floor’ being forced to live in ‘squalor and unsafe conditions’.
The children appeared to be ‘skittish and spoke with speech impediments’, according to Juarez.
Photos of inside the home show human and animal feces strewn across the floor, as well as garbage, debris and spoiled food everywhere.
Source: Daily Mail UK

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