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Please help me, I don’t want to die- Nigerian lady trafficked to Oman cries out for help (video)

A Nigerian lady, Adetomisin, who was trafficked from Nigeria to Oman, has called on Nigerians to assist her in coming back home as she is stuck where she inOman.

In a viral video, Adetomisin who spoke in Yoruba, said she contacted an agent who promised to secure a job for her in the US. But things turned sour when she found herself in Oman.

“Good evening Nigerians. My name is Adetomisin. I am a Nigerian from Ondo state. I am currently speaking to you from Oman..

“When I was leaving Nigeria, the agreement I had with my agent was i was going to the US to work. When I finished my NCE programme and was unemployed for a long time, I decided to travel out.

My agent told me that he will help me secure a job for me in the US. All of a sudden, everything changed. I did not know what happened. That was how they brought us to Oman. Myself and one other lady. When we got to the airport in Oman, two people came to pick us up. They took us to an office and stripped us of all we had including our passports and phones.

They took us to where we were supposed to start work. When I got to my place of work, my boss started to threaten and frustrate my life. The first four months I worked with him, he did not pay me any salary. When I called my agent to inform him, he said it was none of his business as he has played his part. Since then, he stopped taking my calls.

Seeing how things were turning out, my boss kept threatening me to have sex with him but I declined. With all the stress of the job, I wake up as early as 4 am and work all day until about 12 am or 1 am before sleeping. My boss threatened that if I don’t give in to his request, he would kill me. That was when I said I didn’t want to work anymore and that they should take me back to my country having worked four months without getting any salary.

“That was how they took me back to the office and started scolding me. They took me into a room and locked me in with some others. For one week, we were not given food or water. Most of us were drinking water from the toilet for almost one week before they came to take us to work.

“I have been working there for one year and two months and I have been sick. I told my boss that I want to return to Nigeria but he said I can’t return.

“Nigerians, please, help me. I want to return home. I’m sick and my boss says I cannot come back. Nigerians please help me. I don’t want to die in Oman.” she said

Watch a video of her pleading for help below;


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