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Phobiaholic! Fear of Staying Single – Anuptaphobia, See Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Some people may be in a marriage they are uncomfortable with, not because they cannot call it quits but because they are anuptaphobic. Such partners are afraid of being single. This phobia also refers to people who are afraid of marrying the wrong partner. Since they would not to leave the marriage because they are afraid of being single, they get stuck with spinsterhood or bachelorhood for quite a long time. You may be surprised that you are anuptaphobic without knowing it. This article provides insight on signs that show you are experiencing anuptaphobia and what to do to overcome this challenge.

Anuptaphobia | Fear of Staying Single

What is Anuptaphobia

Anuptaphobia is an irrational fear of staying single, but may also be an irrational fear of marrying the wrong person which is known as Gamophobia (Fear of Marriage). In extreme cases, a severe fear of being single can cause individuals to stay in an abusive relationship.

The second form, the fear of marrying the wrong person, can cause an irrational fear of commitment. Phobics are always looking for the “right” person even if the right match is present in their life.

Symptoms of Anuptaphobia

  Extreme Anxiety, Dread

  Shortness of Breath

  Rapid Breathing

  Heart Palpitations

  Excessive Sweating

  Nausea

  Dry Mouth

  Confusion / Inability to Articulate Clearly

  Lack of Focus

  Irritability

  Shaking

  Feelings of Powerlessness

  Obsession with the Subject of the Phobia

  Fear or Feelings of Losing Control

  Avoidance Behavior

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  Headaches

Causes of Anuptaphobia

Anuptaphobia is a specific (or “isolated”) phobia, centered on non-social key factors. Isolated phobias tend to have some previous trauma (often in childhood and often physically injurious) as a root cause; a fear of bees may stem from an injury in childhood, for instance.

Upbringing can also play a role, such as parental warnings about a direct threat (such as “snakes can bite and kill you”) which is especially notable in cases where a threat is more imminent. (An allergy to bees or peanut butter, for instance, would naturally reinforce a real medical concern.)

It is thought that genetics and hereditary factors may play a role in specific phobias, especially those related to a danger of injury. (A primal “fight or flight” reflex may be more easily triggered in those with a genetic predisposition, for instance.)

By contrast, social phobias (like a fear of body odor or touch) are less well understood, are driven by social anxiety and are broadly labeled as “social anxiety disorder”.

In all kinds of phobias, external experiences and / or reports can further reinforce or develop the fear, such as seeing a family member or friend who is affected. In extreme cases, indirect exposures can be as remote as overhearing a reference in conversation, seeing something in the news, on TV, or in the movies.

Anuptaphobia, like most phobias, stems from a subconscious overprotection mechanism, and as with many phobias can also be rooted in an unresolved emotional conflict.

Treatment for Anuptaphobia

  Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

  Habit Strategies To Relax

  Cognitive Therapy (CT)

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  In Vivo Exposure

  Response Prevention

  Hypnotherapy

  Group Therapy

  Psychotherapy

  Energy Psychology

  Medication

  Meditation



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