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Philanthropic Gesture! Woman Plans to feed 25,000 needy people on her 25th birthday

Zara Teni King (Pix credit:

This is what we want to get from those celebrities who share their dirty and shameless marital failures on social media platforms. Imagine what somebody wants to do on her birthday. This is wonderful and should be commended beyond social media response.


A Nigerian woman has committed to feeding 25,000 needy people worldwide on her birthday.

In a video posted on Twitter and Facebook, Zara Teni King (Teniolaking),  whose birthday falls on July 8, said her commitment was based on an experience she had with someone who had no food and “it really impacted” her.

Reports have it that she has decided that instead of having a big birthday bash, she will go out and give to people who do not have.

“The aim is to feed 25,000 people worldwide,” she said.

She has also encouraged people to join by preparing extra pack of food on July 8 for people who do not have enough to eat.

To drive attention, she is encouraging people to post a video or picture of the food distribution under the hashtag #Operationfeed25k and your city (i.e #Accra or #Lagos).


For full gist and video, visit:

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  1. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    This is great news… I never believed that some people can actually help the needy this way mostly in this hard time. But it shouldn’t be a platform for people to depend on others for help. They should really work hard because when they do they will eat the fruit of their labour… Thank you very much ma. You have done a great job.

  2. Ezenwata Perpetua . C.

    Quiz no : 6

    The lord is your strength ma, as you have made up your mind to do such thing, I pray that you will not lack in your life. This a very big encouragment for us to still be helping out the poor, though some people are bad to an extent of using someones help against him.

  3. chimaroke Anunobi

    Quiz no. 5. this is awesome

  4. chisom Janefrances

    So Amazing…..I cnt believe that we stil have good people in this world..God bless your endeavour Ma

  5. Great news. the blessings of sowing will never stop following her.

  6. thats a tough decision..i pray God gives you the grace to fulfil it.

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