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Pathetic! So a Landlord Collects Rent from Students Who Live Here?

We are continuing our series on the need to improve the welfare of  students residing on and off campus. There are lodges that the landlords ought to refund students rent for one year. This one posted here is actually a lodge. This means that students live here. Who do you blame for residing in this kind of environment? Student who tries to save money or Landlord who simply collects money without caring about the environment and nature of his building?

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  1. in my own opinion it students that like to save money that will be blame because they are learned and they know the importance of living in a good environment than most of the landlords beside the landlord will not live there so it will be difficult to repair it but to be in the safer side students should relocate to a more conducive environment instead of saving more and putting themselves in danger.(09)

  2. It’s the students
    Group number
    :15 A
    Quiz number:16

  3. I think it’s the students fault because the saw how the lodge is before the paid for it. No one would tell them what’s right for them so it’s the students fault
    Quiz number:(18)
    Group number:15

  4. ogonna Marycynthia nkemjika

    I blaim the landlord for building that type of house fr d students in isolated area like that.

  5. ogonna Marycynthia nkemjika

    If I were d student I won’t b paying rent or else the bill to it, z cheap.

  6. Okeke Chiamaka Gabriella Number:21

    The landlord should be blamed in this case. Some students in the University find it very difficult to foot their bills because University is a place that requires a lot of expenses. So such students that can barely pay their bill would settle for any sort of accommodation in as much as they see a place to lay their head at night. The landlord on the other hand ought to use the money generated from the tenants to renovate the building for a more comfortable place to dwell.
    GROUP 15A
    NO 21

  7. I basically put the blame on the students, reasons been that most of our parents do acknowledge the fact that any student need a comfortable environment for learning and probably give a suitable amount to be paid,instead of the students should go in for a comfortable and well furnished apartments or buildings they go in for apartments meant for family members due to it’s less amount of payment for each apartment.
    So looking at all this the fault are from the students.

  8. The student should be blamed for residing in that kind of environment because he or was not forced to move in there

  9. The landlord to up grade his house by renovating it even it means to add more house rent to the tenants in his house,for the safety of the student living there.

  10. Emechebe chiamaka precious

    In this case I blame the landlord, because most students are not capable of providing the rent for expensive lodges
    GROUP 15A
    NO 24

  11. the landlord is at fault here he should take care of his property and his environment properly in order to collect his rent it is not just to collect rent from students without making any effort in putting his property in good terms he should add effort in taking care of his land and providing the needs of the tenant group15 no 14

  12. onyinye grace nwankwo

    Landlord is not to be blamed because that is the area he got his own land and build a lodge for the student but in other way round he should be able to keep his environment in a better place for student to live in and he should be able to reduce the amount of the lodge…

  13. if such places are not patronized it wont even be existing so the students should be blamed.

  14. Abeg health is wealth, someone could contact series of diseases there because they are trying to save only God knows how much…they students need to wise up

  15. Ubabuko Chiamaka

    I don’t blame the landlord at all for collecting house rent from the students…………. while will a student go to that kind of place to live not even minding d environment nd his or her health,they want to save money nd risk their lives. They will collect huge amount of money from their parents nd to pay just little for their house rent. So the landlord is not to be blamed because he makes living out of it.

  16. The landlord has to collect his rent according to the structure of his compound.. he shouldn’t charge much,let him charge less knowing how his compound is & it’ll be in favor of the students to save a little money

  17. Nwabugwu Sandra ijeoma

    This is very bad….living in such a dirty environment,I wonder what he/she is learning at school….

  18. why can’t he or she stay in d school hostel quiz no:40

  19. Igbeli Assumpta Kosiso

    I can’t stop laughing, this is so funny….

  20. chukwuemerie uduji

    health,they say is wealth,and the ignorance of this is ” death”…..Just in a bid to save a meagre amount of money some benighted students will prefer to live in filthy and unpleasant the blame should be on the students not the landlord. ….It is business


    NO 45

  21. Chidozie Chiazokam Jennifer

    the both are to be blamed but the landlord should mostly be blamed because if he had cleared the bush or always clean the environment the students or the people living there will be cleaning their environment but the students should try abeg.
    group no:15A
    quiz no:31

  22. chisom Janefrances

    My blames goes to the student who live in this kind of environment.As an undergraduate you ought to know what’s good and bad.seeing this kind of place one thing your mind will tell you is that will this such be conducive for my health and studies…money is not the issue here but health.
    student will.prefer living in that environment because the house rent been paid mayb too small while they collect huge amount of money from their parents then save the remaining one when your health is at risk.
    My own opinion i will say that parents should try and know what his or her child is doing in school,what kind of life is he/she living,also knows the kind of environment he/she is living not just giving him/her money without knowing what your child is doing.

  23. uzokwe mary Uzochukwu

    well i will say its the parent fault because they will want there child to stay in the 8man room hostel,but they will prefer to stay off campus due to that fact they will prefer to stay at a place were they wont b distrubed.

  24. uzokwe mary Uzochukwu

    will say its the parent fault because they will perfer they to stay in hostel(8mans)room,due to security reason but student been adamant they will perfer off campus thats my opinión

  25. Muotolum victoria

    hahaha hahaha. .
    can’t stop laughing..
    that place looks like Achalla

    quiz No:26

  26. I will not blame the parent cause most parent think there child stays in a good lodge,but I blame the student for staying in a place like this did the student not see how the place was before moving in,for me the student is to be blamed.

  27. Aguinam-Ojukwu Faustina

    I blame the landlord… Bcs the three basic things in life is food shelter and clothing…the landlord should know his duty…not all student are born with the silver spoon, the landlord should use the little rent to renovate the building

  28. Aguinam-Ojukwu Faustina

    I blame the landlord… Bcs the three basic things in life is food shelter and clothing…the landlord should know his duty…not all student are born with the silver spoon, the landlord should use the little rent to renovate the building(23)
    Lagos A

  29. I blame the students who pays for that kind of lodgd

  30. Student should report to SUG or student affairs office. This is a disaster waiting to happen

  31. Casmir Obiakor ONWA

    Mmadu na-efukwa efu ooo

  32. Anyadubalu Somto.c. (4)

    I blame the landlord, cos how can a human being have the heart to collect money from people that live here. Such is life.

  33. Health is very important
    I blame the student.
    Seeing this kind of place, yet still payed for it.

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