Pathetic! Pretty Nigerian Lady Goes Crazy Shortly After Completing Her NYSC


A Nigerian philanthropist, Kokun, shared this pathetic story of a young lady who became mad shortly after completing her National youth service. Kokun presented her with clothes, food and other personal items. Very commendable though but what she really need most is urgent rehabilitation.

“I was told about a young lady who is mentally challenge just after she finish her NYSC and she as been sleeping on the street just at the back of Fela shrine… I went to visit her today and I started crying that who has done this to this beautiful lady. I feel so sad and devastated.. I pray that none of you reading this will go mad or any of your relative in Jesus Amen… I decided to rush down to Shoprite to buy her new set of cloths from Max, also Food from Mr Biggs, KFC and soft drinks and I will be checking on her every time, I pray to God to give her healing.. Amen”

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