Thursday , May 19 2022

Pastor Coughs And Rubs Spit On Church Member’s Face To Prove A Point To His Congregation (Photos, Video)

Pastor Michael Todd

A disturbing incident took place in a church at Tusla, Oklahoma as a Pastor got very literal about seeing God’s blurred imaginative and prescient in 2022.

Video of the incident which is now viral online shows Pastor Michael Todd who leads the Transformation Church in Tulsa rubbing his spit on the face of a grown man from the congregation.

The pastor evoked an exaggerated response from his congregation throughout his service on Sunday after wiping his spit on the face of a parishioner who volunteered.

The Pastor did this to emphasize his analogy on “how troublesome it is to obtain prescient from God.” Prescient means “having or showing knowledge of events before they take place.” Probably the pastor was trying to demonstrate the mystery behind the nature of God.

Pastor Todd’s action which left his audience gasping in horror, is coming amid a pandemic.

Watch the video below.

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