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“Passport Sake” Movie Grand Premier In Asaba

Premier of the movie “Passport Sake” which features reputable African actors and actresses will hold at Genesis Cinema, Asaba Shop rite on Saturday, December 18, 2021.

The movie which is based on true life stories tells the story of what people do in the crazy pursuit of British passport.

Tickets are available at Genesis Cinema, Asaba Shop rite and Everyday Supermarket, Asaba.

Passport Sake movie

Here’s Synopsis of the movie:

A dramatic tale of the quest for residency in the United Kingdom.

Men and women from African came in search of greener pasture but met their nemesis as they go along.

In this crazy pursuit of British passport, true love blossomed, and pain gained. Dada the sweet talker, who was smuggled into the UK like some of his housemates, found himself in a web of lies and deceit, pretending to be a British citizen with a fake passport.

Unfortunately for Julie, who thinks she’s found her gate way to residency, unaware she was only been used by Dada.

Bayo, an illegal Nigerian immigrant in his quest for residency got deported over rail card.

Femi neither here nor there, a troublesome housemate, continues to search for his gateway and avoiding been caught by the system or humiliated by any woman.

Musa, a Muslim with a secret, will do anything to remain in the UK to live out his life without prejudice.

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After been subjected to hard work for below minimum wage and threat, Desmond decided it was time he left the uncertain life in UK and return home to Ghana.

Moses got himself a white English wife even though he was already married with five kids back home. He played the devoted husband until his British passport came and this became Berry his English wife’s nightmare.

Rosie has a Kenyan fiancé who paid for her to study in England and expects her back.

However, Rosie is confused on whom to choose. Ignorantly, Mike falls in love with her lies and could not wait to marry her when he found out she was pregnant for him.

Amaro has come as a skilled immigrant and sharing an accommodation with Stan, who has a vengeance to carry out.

Stan fears she is only after his British citizenship not him and will continue to carry out his vengeance for all those years of rejection.

Who will be lucky enough to embrace true happiness and success, or perhaps an escape to freedom at the expense and detriment of others?

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