Tuesday , November 22 2022

Parents go on their daughter’s Snapchat to embarrass her, call her a “thot” and warn the boys that she’s playing them all (video)

A girl’s parents logged on to her Snapchat to embarrass her and warn her male followers that she is a “thot” who is playing them all.

The parents, in a bid to stop their daughter from acting all grown on social media, posted a video to her Snapchat to caution her followers, especially the “f*** boys”.

The girl’s father introduced himself in the video then began telling everyone that his daughter is a “little thot”. He told the boys going after her that she has multiple boyfriends and she’s leading them all on. He went on to encourage all of them to unfollow her.

He ended by asking them to help him “unthot this little thot.”

He then moved the camera to his daughter’s face but the girl bent and covered her face with her hand. Her mother is then heard telling her not to be embarrased now and forced her hand out of her face so everyone could see her well.

Watch video below;


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