Wednesday , December 8 2021

Pandemonium! Students In Rivers State Run For Their Lives

Rivers State government have denied granting the Nigerian Army or any other body, the permission to go to schools and administer forced medication or vaccination to any child in any school on the state.

The similar event which caused great panic and confusion in Anambra state sometime last week, today, made Students and their parents to scamper and run for safety.

Just as it was in Anambra, students were pictured jumping and flying over their schools’ fences in an attempt to escape vaccination being administered by soldiers in Rivers state.

The state commissioner for information and communication who spoke concerning the forced vaccination, advices schools, parents and guardians to resist such unauthorized operation.

“Inoculation is personal and consent of the Rivers State Government and parents must first be sought and obtained before it can be administered on any school child in a school premises. Consequently, all school heads and parents should resist any such attempt,” said Emma Okah, the Commissioner for Information and Communications.

“Furthermore, the State Government has set up a Task Force to ensure that no school premises is violated in the State for the purpose of imunising any child.

“We appeal to members of the public to remain calm and return their kids to school as RSG will continue to ensure their peace and security.

“Meanwhile the State Government has ordered the arrest of anyone attempting to vaccinate any child in any school premises in Rivers State.”

Source – Yabaleftonline


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