Wednesday , December 8 2021

Pakistani man shoots his wife, two children and six of her family members dead after seeing picture of her with another man

A jealous Pakistani man has brutally murdered his wife, children and in-laws for allegedly seeing photo of his wife with another man.
Muhammad Ajmal, a Pakistani husband shot dead his wife, two children, six of her family members and burned their bodies in a twisted act of revenge, police said.

Local reports have it that the jealous husband suspected her of having an affair after seeing a picture of her with another man.

In addition to gunning down his partner and their kids, Ajmal is alleged to have killed his three sisters-in-law, two of their children, and his mother-in-law in Multan, central Pakistan.

Imran Mehmood, a District Police Officer for the city of Multan said: “This is clearly an honour killing. He saw a picture of his wife with another man and believed she was having an affair. He does not repent his actions.”

Ajmal, who is a tailor, and his father are both in custody and have been charged with murder.


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  1. Hw can someone b dis clueless, killing ur wife and his family because u saw a picture of her Nd a man they should also kill him

  2. Emmanuella Ezeifeka

    He’s definitely a psycho

  3. Lazarus kelvin

    He is very stupid

  4. He is so heartless. Y killing his children

  5. The man should be slowly killed he does not deserve quick death..

  6. This man wicked o! No joy at all why will he extend the killing to the family members

  7. Chidozie chiazokam jennifer

    That man needs to die too

  8. Omenuko Adaobi Promise

    What kind of a thing is dis y would he do dat huh.

  9. Ndubuisi Chidinmma

    What are we going to call this 😳,killing ur wife and children just because u saw a picture of your wife with another woman nawaoooo

  10. Thats uncalled for…why will such a man do that

  11. Just a man without kissing or hugging in the picture really??!!! I thought stupidity has it limit but damn.. This man is psychic


    Hmmm people sef,they can be very wicked.

  13. Egbuwalo Teniola Glory

    This man is crazy.

  14. Ebulue Ruth Oluchi

    This man is a foolish man,he needs to be sentenced to death by hanging

  15. And they will say its the work of the devil

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