How the mass media in Nigeria practice Churnalism and journalism

Media houses in Nigeria utilize information subsidies (for example, press releases) in their day-to-day operations. News agencies also use subsidies as editorial content. There are journalists in Nigeria operating as correspondents in various states for their media houses who mostly rely on press releases and such information subsidies. They hardly make efforts to re-write press […]

What is information subsidy?

Media houses do not just survive on advertising; they require information to survive. Any media organization starved of information that appeals to its audiences will gradually die off. Advertising revenue is attracted by media houses that have large audience base and a large audience base is a function of information content of the media house. […]

Difference between Implicit and Explicit Corporate Social Responsibility in Nigeria (Video)

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? Self-regulation targeted at contributing to societal goals through philanthropic, or charitable activities, and ensuring that an organization adopts ethically-oriented practices in its operations Practice whereby companies manage their business activities to impact positively on society. Self-imposed responsibility of commitment by companies to manage the social, environmental and economic outcomes […]