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Outdoor Quiz on News Agencies

Provide a brief profile of the news agencies you were told in class to research on. Only quiz numbers 1-7 are to work on this question. You were only 7 in class that day. Meanwhile don’t do copy and paste. I will surely find out.

You should also make comment on stories in the newsblog section of this site between now and the time you submit the quiz (Monday evening).

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  1. Anthony Ekeruche

    The Ghana News Agency is the official news agency of Ghana. It was established by kwame Nkruma in 1957.The GNA was founded to help provide more favorable view of the country to the outside world and to control the flow of information in Ghana. GNA functions as a gatekeeper by disseminating international news to the people and at the same time deleting any news that is critical to the country. The agency was considered as the most efficient news agency in Africa. Guinea:Guinea uses the Pan African News Agency,Panapress as their News Agency. Panapress was founded by African investors that decided to endown Africa with competent means of communication. It has over 5 million users on its network. Quiz number 1

  2. Profile of kenya national television
    Kenya Broadcasting corporation (KBC) is the state-run media organisation of kenya. This corporation was established in 1928,,one by the Kenya government.
    In 1962, Kenya television was introduced for the first time, the first transmittion station was set up in a farm house in limuru and the station transmitted on a radius of 15miles.
    In 1964.when kenya became independent, the corporation name was changed to Voice of kenya (VOK)
    In 1970, a new television station in Mumbai’s to relay programmes and produce drama, music, cultural and other programmes.
    In 1978, kenya television transmitted into colour, in 1989 the voice of kenya was changed back to kenya Broadcasting corporation through an act of parliament, a contract was sign between KBC and Japanesse telecommunication Engineering consultancy service (JETC) for improvement.
    In 1993. KBC started the upgrade and construction of new once, in 2000.KBC commissioned Metro station as a sport and entertainment station.

    The first regular television service started in somali in 1983 with funds obtained from Kuwait and United Arab Emirates (UAE), had its headquarters in Mogadishu. It run for only 2hours a day and 4hours on fridays and holidays, ceasing its operation during the civil war. March 18, 2011, the Ministry of
    Information of the Transitional Federal
    Government began experimental broadcasts
    of the new television channel. After a 20-year
    hiatus, the station was shortly thereafter
    officially re-launched on April 4, 2011.
    SNTV broadcasts 24 hours a day, and can be
    viewed both within Somalia and abroad via
    terrestrial and satellite platforms.


    A Brief history/profile of Morocco and Burkinafaso’s news agencies.

    1. The Morocco official news agency is Maghreb Arab press/presse known as MAP. It was founded on 13th , May 1959 by Mehdi Bennouna and later nationalised in 1973. Their head quarter is in Rabat by the direction of Mohammed Khabbachi. They render international services in five languages: French, English, Spanish, Arabic and Tamazight. The agency launched the African bulletin in 1960 and also the Middle East Service as well as the English Service on 14th October 1975. Their slogan is the value of information and their Area of dissemination is worldwide with its official website (

    2. The Burkinafaso’s news agency is CAJ News Agency, Johannesburg.Its an African news agency that is supplying regional, continental and international news. Its website ( Its located at 66 New Avenue Bramley Johannesburg South Africa. They are dominated in the Economic Community Of West African State (ECOWAS), East African Community (EAC) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC), East African Region (EAR). And as well as making inroads(i.e an attempted invasion) into the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU). Finally, CAJ News Africa has collected global journalist accolades of excellence some recognized by the United Nations (UN)

  4. Republic of Congo;Brassaville
    It has one Press agence, Agency Congolese d’information, which is a public agency located in the capital.

    Democratic Republic of Congo; Kinshasa
    The press agency is both nationally and internationally state owned and operated.

  5. News Agencies in Egypt and Sierra Leonne!
    In Cairo, Egypt, there exists a news agency called MENA. It is an acronym for Middle East News Agency, and is run by the Egyptian government.
    The agency, which was founded by Egyptian press establishments on 15 December 1955, began its operations on 28 February the following year. Twenty-four years later, 1980 to be precise, a board of directors was established to run the agency, which was later attached to the country’s ministry of information.
    In the 1990s, MENA had cooperation with almost 25 news agencies, and offers news in three languages – Arabic, English and French.
    The news agency provides the following six major services:
    Local Arabic news : With dedicated coverage of political, social, economic, cultural and sports news in the Arab world, Middle East and the world at large, this service targets only audience living in Egypt.
    Press services: These include features news analysis, and photo services and international sectors such as culture, art, science, sports and history.
    (3) Publications in Print: This informs the readers about happenings in daily, biweekly and weekly publications.
    (4) Cairo Press Review: This is an English-language daily that offers news published in the Egyptian newspapers.
    (5) Party Press Review news: This is a biweekly English-language publication, offering the main news published in Egyptian party newspapers
    (6) The MEN: This is an Economic Magazine, also in English-language, providing readers the main economic news concerning those who are part of Egyptian economy.
    The agency can be accessed on, even as it started a news website, called Bawabet Sharq Al Awsat, in February 2014.

    Sierra Leonne:

    Sierra Leonne has a news agency known as “Commonwealth Network”, available on It was established by Nexus Partnerships, the leading communications agency that specializes in Commonwealth affairs.
    Nexus is the principal official publisher of the Commonwealth Secretariat, delivering high-level print and electronic media for heads of government, ministers, senior officials and business leaders across and beyond the Commonwealth’s 52 member countries.
    According to the Chairman of Nexus Partnerships and former Chairman of the Council of Commonwealth Societies, Lord Watson, this agency was developed by Nexus, in association with Commonwealth organisations and over 50 heads of government. It is aimed at meeting the growing demand for information about investment, trade, and visits to the 52 member countries, including Sierra Leonne.
    Over 20,000 organisations and 5,000 individuals with meaningful contributions to the economic, political and cultural landscapes of their countries are said to be listed in this website. This, according to Watson, makes the agency the largest and most up-to-date resource on the Commonwealth ever produced.

  6. Quize no 3

    Founded on 30th September 1944, the Agence France – Presse took over the premises and part of the staff Agence Havas. It reopened its foreign bureaux several of which had continued operating, to some extent, by linking up with the Agence francaise independante located in London or by establishing the Agence France -afrique in Algiers. In occupied France, the Agence- d’ information et-de- documentation was set up within the Framework of the resistance. The amalgamation of the three Agencies resulted in the creation of the Agence – France – Presse (AFP). It distributes it’s news and information to 152 countries in French, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Arabic.

    Reuters, in full (since 2008) Thomson Reuters, news agency founded in Britain in 1851 that became one of the leading newswire services in the world. Its headquarters are in New York City.
    The agency was established by Paul Julius Reuter, a former bank clerk who in 1847 became a partner in Reuter and Stargardt, a Berlin book-publishing firm. The firm distributed radical pamphlets at the beginning of the Revolutions of 1848, which may have brought official scrutiny on Reuter. The agency expanded steadily, and in 1858 its first newspaper client, the London Morning Advertiser, subscribed. Newspapers bulked ever larger in the Reuters clientele thereafter. The value of Reuters to newspapers lay not only in the financial news it provided but in its ability to be the first to report on stories of international importance, as in 1865 when the service broke the news of the assassination of U.S. Pres. Abraham Lincoln hours before its competitors.Reuter saw the possibilities of the telegraph for news reporting and built up an organization that maintained correspondents throughout the world

    Xinhua News Agency is the largest official news agency in the People’s Republic of China. The agency boasts a network of 10,000 journalists, based in its 144 bureaux worldwide. Thirty-three of these bureaux are in China, providing coverage from each of the country’s provinces. Xinhua supplies daily coverage of politics, economics, sport and cultural news in China, along with numerous ‘magazine’ features on various subjects such as trades & professions, lifestyle, etc.

  7. Name: Emeka OZUMBA
    No: 7
    Algeria Press Service (APS)
    • Algeria Press Service (APS) is the official news service of Algeria founded on December 1, 1961 which operates as a public service broadcasting network. APS agency soon expanded its operations setting up bureaus across Algeria and got affiliations with other world news agencies. APS expanded its photography service which enabled it to distribute images of Algeria’s broad reconstruction process, using the Belino System of photocell transmission.
    • On April 25, 1995, APS computerized its editorial office and started delivering its news automatically. With the launch of its official website and the Arabic pages, APS was positioned the among the world leading agencies in news and communication with the launch of its broadcast via satellite and diversified range of services.
    Ivory Coast News Agency
    There is no identifiable official national news agency for Ivory Coast. Apart from Reuters and AFP, CAJ News Agency which operates out of Johannesburg ensures that regional, continental and international news are supplied across Ivory Coast.

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