Thursday , November 23 2023

Orphan bleeds from the head after his allegedly abusive guardian beat him (video)

There is outrage on social media over report of an orphan who was allegedly beaten by his guardian until he bled from the head.

A source said the woman known as Aunty Moji, who lives at 24 Jogosimi street, Alausa, Lagos, Nigeria, allegedly abuses the boy regularly.

The latest incident left the boy, identified as Ibrahim, bleeding from a cut on the head.

The source expressed concern that Aunty Moji may ‘kill’ Ibrahim if something isn’t done to stop the incessant abuse.

A video shared onlne shows the aunt beating the boy on the head with her palm while holding a stick on another hand.

“This video is nothing but it will give you an understanding of the abuse he receives on a daily basis,” the source said.

The woman is not related to the boy by blood, the source said.

Relatives of the boy handed him over to the woman and he has been allegedly suffering abuse since then.

However, the neighbour who spoke on the issue said the boy revealed the abuse he suffers from Aunt Moji is nothing compared to what he went through when he was with his relatives after his parents’ death.

The boy said his relatives used to beat him with machete but Aunt Moji only beats him with sticks.

The neighbour called on the necessary authorities to intervene to save the boy from further abuse.


Watch the video below.

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