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Oriflame Product Corner: About Oriflame Feminelle Special Care+ Deodorising Cleansing Intimate Gel


This is a trending product for girls, ladies and women who care about their hygiene.

Health experts, bloggers and cosmetics professionals have continued to emphasize the need for this product to exist in every home where there is a female for very serious health protection reasons.


It is called Oriflame Feminelle Special Care+ Deodorising Cleansing Intimate Gel. As earlier pointed out, this piece is especially for the girls but men who care about women around them (their daughter, friend, wife, mother, aunt among others) also recommend this to them.

A lot of people do not even know that intimate cleansers existed! Well Oriflame has a very reliable intimate cleanser in stock. It is trending for those who take extra steps to maintain your hygiene. Moreover, doctors say a lot of vaginal infections occur due to lack of proper hygiene and this has made the Oriflame Feminelle Special Care+ Deodorising Cleansing Intimate Gel a trending product.


So why is the cleanser better than regular soap? Health experts observe that the skin around that area is very delicate and soap can irritate it and disrupt the chemical balance of that area. So, it’s better to use cleansers specially formulated for that area. Oriflamefeminelle refreshing intimate wash is better choice for that sensitive area.

This is a product that strengthens your natural defenses against irritations and infections. It has soap free formulas containing natural lactic acid. It keeps you fresh and clean all day long.

What the product claims: To stay fresh in your intimate area, use this smooth, gentle wash with orange blossom extract and an uplifting scent. Lactic acid helps to protect the intimate area and the mild, gentle formulation won’t irritate your skin.

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        Directions for use : Take some drops in your palm

  • Add some water to make it foam
  • Direct use on intimate area and wash it gently
  • Then wash from normal cold water


Shelf life : 3 years

Color : transparent

Smell : mild




Good about Oriflame Feminelle Special Care+ Deodorising Cleansing Intimate Gel

  • Contains lactic acid and aloe Vera extract for protection
  • Large quantity lasts for a long time
  • Easily available
  • Decently priced
  • Foams easily and does not irritate the skin
  • Maintains pH balance of the intimate area
  • Keeps intimate area clean and odor free
  • Dermatologically and Gynecologically tested

Bad about Oriflame Feminelle Special Care+ Deodorising Cleansing Intimate Gel

  • Not travel friendly



Read the testimony of one of several users of a brand of Oriflame Intimate wash and get convinced.


“My experience with Oriflame Feminelle Protecting Intimate Wash. There are few products in Oriflame which I have been using since the time I got to know of Oriflame. I am a contented customer of these products and always come back to pick them again and again. The intimate wash is one such product which I have been using since a long time. I have tried the variants of them though. The summer tempted me to try the Oriflame Feminelle Protecting Intimate Wash in aloe Vera variant this time.

“As we read about how aloe Vera is very effective for the intimate areas, an intimate wash with this ingredient sounded really cool to me. The Oriflame Feminelle Protecting Intimate Wash comes in a white colored plastic bottle with a green colored pump to dispense the product. The pump dispenses a small quantity of the product which is sufficient for one wash. The thick transparent liquid foams up quite easily and can be easily applied on the sensitive skin in the intimate area.  The wash does not cause any type of irritation and can be rinsed very easily. It keeps the area odour free and clean for a long time.

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“I have been using Oriflame Feminelle Protecting Intimate Wash diligently twice in a day from the time I have started using it and it has lasted me quite a long time now. The packaging is quite big and cannot be used for travel. I hence transfer some of its contents into a clean flip open small bottle when I travel. I use this Oriflame Intimate wash more than once when I am on my periods. After every wash I get a great feeling of cleanliness that does not irritate my skin and keeps the area odor free and germ free.”




Just go for this product and make sure you recommend it to others you care about.


About Chinenye Nwabueze

Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.

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  1. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    Very nice design… But don’t think is in the market

  2. It’s a nice product.

  3. It’s a nice product. But have use the cream.but currently using the paste

  4. Udogu Ogechi Victory

    It is a good product.

  5. Ogunyemi Temitope Florence

    I will like to be a distributor,and also to make use of one first,WHR can I get d product Cuz am at ikorodu Lagos.

  6. Good to see feminine hygiene products are catching up the market. Truely a good move

  7. Ezeobi Blessing

    Can a pregnant woman use it?

  8. Where can I get this products in Abuja. Especially the body cream?

  9. Ayomide Awoluyi

    Hi @Olaolu Sharon, you indicated interest on buying this PRODUCT earlier. Kindly contact me on whatsapp 08034989528

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    Wow, nice product. I need one please.

  11. Pls am interested in buying and selling how do I get some

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    How much is it and how can I get it?

  13. Am a consultant in Anambra State…Awka precisely…u can call me on 08104870104..if u want to know everything about Oriflame or email

  14. I was told it also act as a sweetner and tightens the area….. please can anyone confirm.

  15. I need one how can I get it

  16. Feminelle special care stop virginal infection too

  17. I have been seeing and hearing good comments about this product and couldn’t resist but try it. Unfortunately for me since I started using it I have been having rashes down there and everywhere I wash with it becomes irritated and red. I wonder what the problem could be?!! Pls does anybody has the same problem as me? What do I do to cure it? It really not funny, itches like hell!!!!

  18. Please how serious is the rashes, and have you gotten any answers, because I just bought it for my wife and seeing your comment make me have a second thought about it. Please has anyone explain to you the possible reason for your rashes?

  19. Mrs Kurfi stop using it if it doesn’t agree with you. Go for testing.

  20. Mohammed no one responded to my email. So I stopped using it and got medical help

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