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Online Dating Tricks: Here’s why women take selfies from above and men from below

This piece on online dating tricks by Abu Mubarik may interest you. Why not pause and read for a few seconds.


Researchers at University of Saskatchewan in Canada say women on dating sites take selfies from above to highlight their facial features while men take from below to make them appear tall and more powerful.

On various dating sites, men and women upload breathtaking images essentially to create the right impression. As the saying going goes “First impression is everything.”

Researchers at University of Saskatchewan in Canadan say women on dating sites take selfies from above while men take from below.

The research analysed more than 900 selfies of women and men on dating app Tinder and concluded that both sexes manipulate their images to create the right impression for their potential lovers.

Women are more likely to take selfies from above head height to higlight facial features and disguise any height issues.

While men are more likely to take their selfies from around waist height to make them appear taller, more powerful and more likely to be able to protect their partner.

“When taking a selfie for an online dating profile, people intuitively manipulate the vertical camera angle to embody how they want to be perceived by the opposite sex,” the lead researcher, Dr Jane McCartney, said.

“For most people it boils down to what is the most flattering picture. But you can see that men would potentially want to look taller and powerful and women would want to appear smaller because that suggests they need protecting.”

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  1. This is true because both men and women actually wants the public to see them the way they appear in the photograph, and not their real appearance.

  2. lol, that’s funny,thou it’s truth shall.


    true talk

  4. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    This is very hard to believe ooo.

  5. opara chukwuemeka.w.Kenneth

    this is true.

  6. Deborah nwankwo ogechi ,2016054130

    That’s true.. Never judge from just a picture…

  7. Everyone wants to look good so appearance matter’s alot to most people than anything

  8. Nnanyelugo karen

    Most times….pictures can be deliberately my advise to anyone on dating app…shouldn’t expect everything they tend to see there because Shakespeare made it known that expectations hurt!
    They should hope for the best and at the same time prepare for the worst!

    Someone can look like rihana for d girls and kelvin Klein for d boys on pictures but look like Adamu and mgbeke in reality…

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